Our 14-Day Action-Based Guarantee

We want you to have every opportunity to succeed with FunnelDash and the program you purchased. We want you to be over the moon about how well your business operates after you start using what you’ll learn here.

Which means we expect you to put in the effort to make these strategies work for your business.

Why do we do this?

Because we only want to work with fully-motivated people who are truly dedicated to running their own successful businesses, and helping others grow their companies.  

To get your money back, we will expect you to have gone through the entire program(s) and submit proof that you implemented these strategies, and they did not work for you.  

If you followed all the recommendations in our program(s), and don’t feel they worked for you, please submit documentation of your efforts to our team within 14 days of purchasing our program(s) and we’ll refund your money in full.  

For example, here are a few items you need to have done in order to get a full refund on your FunnelDash membership and program(s):

  • Watched all the videos and read through all the additional materials in your program.
  • Set up an Audit Messenger Funnel,
  • Run traffic to that Audit Funnel via
    • The FunnelDash Messenger popup on your website.
    • A link in your email signature.
    • Sending cold or warm emails to potential clients.
    • A Facebook ad campaign.
  • Please note: You must have implemented at least one of these traffic methods, preferably more than one, for at least 5 days and not gotten results to qualify for a full refund and contacted our Support team or posted in our FunnelDash User Community, asking for help.

You must submit a link to your Instant Audit Funnel and documentation of your traffic efforts to our Support team by 11:59 Pacific time on the 14th day after you purchased your program.

You should also be able to reference modules in your program if we ask you questions about what you did and how you implemented the information we gave you.

To be totally clear, if you do not include proof that you completed your purchased program and implemented the strategies by 11:59 Pacific time on the 14th day after you purchased the program, you will not receive a refund.  

But I’m pretty sure you won’t have that problem.


Because we’re giving you absolutely everything you need to start and run your own successful Facebook ads management agency.

We want you to get leads and convert them into clients who love everything you do for them and pay you copious amounts of money for increasing their ROI and their profit margin.

We want your agency to hit 6, even 7 figures in the next 12 months.

We want you to be able to live the life you’ve always dreamed of, helping businesses grow their customer base and running Facebook ads to grow their bottom lines.

Because when you succeed, we succeed.

We’re all in this together.

Please reach out to us at support@funneldash.com so we can help you be successful.


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