$1B WORTH of GOOD NEWS on Funding Ad Spend in a Time of COVID-19

Written by: Zach Johnson

Cash Flow has always been “King” of the small business world.

Thanks to the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, Cash Flow is now the “Emperor of the Universe”.

A recent study by the free online employee scheduling company Homebase, reported that by March 21st, 45% of small businesses they were studying were not operating.  In the cities of Pittsburgh, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and San Jose the percentage was nearly 60% or more. 

The reason is simple.  When there’s very little money coming in and too much still going out, cash flow -- and commerce -- comes to a halt.  In terms of that all-important cash flow metric, the COVID-19 crisis is potentially shaping up to be an all-out catastrophe.

FunnelDash to the Rescue

At FunnelDash we’re in this with you.  We feel your pain and we’re committed to helping to ease it for small businesses like yours in a VERY big way.  How big?

How about $1 BILLION DOLLARS big.
“Wow.  But how?”

As part of our rapid response to the COVID-19 crisis and the devastating effect it is having on everyone from e-commerce and SaaS companies to brick and mortar firms, FunnelDash is committing to driving $1 Billion in additional liquidity to help 30,000 businesses like yours to not only survive this thing -- but come out the other side of it bigger and more profitable than ever by….

Deferring ad payments for a FULL 6 MONTHS when you sign up for our new AdCapital funding program.

When you fund your ads with AdCapital, you get the best of both worlds -- lots of revenue producing ads AND liquidity out the wazoo.

Your Monthly Ad Spend
Your Liquidity



$ 50,0000




This new FunnelDash 6-month ad payment deferment ad funding option combined with other other programs recently reduced is designed to transform the COVID-19 Crisis from game-ender to a game-changer.  Now and for years to come.

Keep your cash liquid with AdCapital plus all the other help you can get from...

  • Facebook -- who recently announced a $100 million program that is offering an average of $3,333 to up to 30,000 eligible small businesses in over 30 countries worldwide to help with rent and operational costs, maintaining workforce and connecting with customers.

If you’re thinking “Nah, I don’t need help with liquidity.”

Think again.

Things are bad now and likely to get worse. Goldman Sachs recently issued a research note with its projection for GDP loss in the second quarter of 2020.  They predict it will be down 24% as a result of a "sudden stop for the U.S. economy."  They also say the S&P 500 could see a mid-year trough at 2,000—that's down around 20% from current levels and 41% from the all-time high.

Listen,when your business is on the line, you need to pull every financial lever you can to stay afloat and get ahead if you can.

​To give you some visibility into the impact on advertisers in terms of the COVID-19 crisis (good and bad), here’s that we’re seeing across our $1B in ad data at FunnelDash:

  • CPMs (Cost Per Thousand of impressions) are the cheapest they’ve been in years due to Facebook’s skyrocketing supply of inventory.  If you’ve got the cash on hand, the time to advertise is NOW.
  • ​ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) on high ticket programs are tanking because of significant declines in LTV (Lifetime Value of a customer).
  • Breakeven Times are getting longer. If yours has been 30s, it may stretch to 90 days or even 120 days.  If you’re spending $20k a month on ads, be financially prepared to carry that $80k float for 4 months.
  • High Risk Advertiser Category Update -- If you’re in the Travel, Retail, Energy industry, a local company or are selling high-ticket products or services (priced at over $100)  prepare for the worst.
  • Direct to Consumer eCommerce is crushing it more than ever. (Hey, might as well end with some good news, right?)

Based on those insights, here’s some wise advice for advertisers on getting through the crisis.

When something like this hits, it’s easy to become immobilized by fear and uncertainty so it helps if you can focus on taking one step at a time.  Here are our recommendations:

  1. Update your messaging to be relevant -- Your clients and customers are freaking out too.  Let them know you’re aware of their concerns and what you’re doing to address them.  Nothing is more calming -- or relationship building -- than getting information from a brand or business you depend on.

  2. Keep advertising --  Those Facbook CPMs are going to go back up eventually.  Take advantage of the bargains now to build your business

  3. Focus on lead generation and audience expansion -- now isn’t the time to constrict your offers or access to your product.  Legendary marketer Ryan Deiss in 3 Rules for Marketing in a Crisis advises you to “Open things up.  Go as wide as you can go..”  And as evidenced by the success of his COVID-19 DigitalMarketer 30 days free offer for DigitalMarketer LabPlus I talked about earlier, it’s a wildly successful strategy.

    • Do NOT wait until Q3 to get growth capital for Q4 -- lock it in NOW while you can trade on your strong past-6 month track record. If you wait it’ll be more expensive and you’ll have fewer options.  Also avoid daily repayment loans like Clearbanc and CanCapital like the plague.
    • Maximize the float on your ad spend. Give yourself as much time as possible to breakeven and spend without killing your cash.
  5. AGENCIES: Drop your prices and provide net 60 terms to your clients to help with their cash flow.  It’s better to cut your profits to help clients with liquidity than to lose them as a client entirely.

Now, back to getting a piece of that $1 Billion in liquidity for yourself...

As you can see, between what FunnelDash is offering you with AdCapital and how marketing industry leaders and the government stimulus plan are doing to help, your COVID-19 cash flow woes don’t have to be as bad as you fear….and you may see an upside if you act quickly to take advantage of the help.

So let’s get started...

Here are 3 FunnelDash tools you can use to make it through the

COVID-19 Crisis and start strong in 2021.

TOOL #1:AdCapital  -- gives you unlimited FREE ad spend and unmatched liquidity

  • Pay $0 for your ad spend for 6 months -- and keep hundreds of thousands of dollars liquid for other needs during the crisis.
  • Pay 0% interest on your ad spend funding and keep even more money in your bank account.
  • Forget the credit check -- who needs a ding on their credit score now.
  • Get the money you need with No Personal Guarantee -- no need to put your home or personal property at risk.

TOOL #2:  AdCard  -- Gives you up to 4% cash back and 60 days to pay, interest-free, plus...

  • Free ad copy and creative services -- and save thousands. 
  • Free RevealBot Account -- a $99/mo value. 
  • Free ActiveCampaign Account -- a $X/mo value. 
  • 30-Day Free access to Digital Marketer LabPlus -- XX value 

TOOL #​3:  FunnelDash -- Lets you easily manage client ad campaigns and automate reporting with the ultimate digital agency growth engine tool suite, plus...

  • Free Access to our Partner Program -- a $20k value
  • Get Free Access to The Agency Growth Backoffice - a $2k value -- including:
    • Agency Funnels
    • Audit Dashboards
    • Automated Onboarding 
    • Deals and Pipeline Management.
  • Free Access to All The Agency Growth Academy Courses -- a $5k value
  • 50% Off all White Label Facebook Ad Management Services - Now just $495/mo
  • 50% Off all Leads on Tap -- Now just $100
Before you pick up ANY of these tools you need to
get the FREE BOOK that will show you how to use them.

Hey, even the best marketing tools on the planet are worthless if you don’t know how to use them.  That’s why as part of FunnelDash’s COVID-19 Crisis Survival initiative, I’m also giving away 30,000 copies of my new book Rich Ad. Poor Ad. FREE.

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