How to choose a payment processor

By Zach Johnson / December 3, 2021

Decide what you need and check out the fees before you choose a credit card payment processor. Chances are that the list of things to do in order to get your business up and running include things like setting up a website, securing funding, and putting together a marketing plan.  However, it probably doesn’t include […]

The Best Business Debit Cards

By Zach Johnson / November 24, 2021

Adding a business debit card to your arsenal of financial tools may be a smart move. While credit cards are still king when it comes to paying for most small business expenses, debit cards are gaining in popularity. And no wonder. The best business debit cards let small company owners easily and seamlessly access funds […]

Innovative Small Business Funding Sources

By Zach Johnson / November 11, 2021

Banks aren’t the only — or even best way — to get the money you need to scale your business.When asked why he robbed banks, notorious 1930s era robber Willie Sutton simply replied, “Because that’s where the money is.”   However, when it comes to small business funding, times have changed — a lot.  Today […]

How to Open a Business Bank Account

By Zach Johnson / November 4, 2021

Give your company credibility, avoid financial pitfalls, and manage your money easier by making the right choices. So you’ve launched a new business.  Congratulations!  You’re starting small but have a lot of big plans that you’ll need to lay the groundwork for now.  And that includes banking.  If you’re a start-up, you may not think […]

16 Unconventional Ways to Fund Your Business

By Zach Johnson / October 26, 2021

Banks and the SBA aren’t the only — or even best — places to get the money you need. The COVID-19 pandemic has put enormous financial strains on many new and established businesses.  The crisis has made coming up with new ways to fund your business a top priority during challenging times. The first thing […]

The 8 Kinds of SBA Loans and How to Get One

By Zach Johnson / October 26, 2021

If you’re searching for funding for your small business — and who isnt —  then you’ve probably heard about SBA loans.  Just to clarify, SBA is an acronym for the U.S. Small Business Administration which is a U.S. government agency that offers online tools, training programs, one-on-one counseling services and funding to help small business […]

How to Create a Marketing Budget

By Zach Johnson / October 12, 2021

Follow these 7 simple steps to create a marketing budget to make the most of your advertising dollars. Marketing is the engine that powers business growth. So while operating costs, inventory investments, and staffing budgets are important, without a strong marketing effort all of those expenditures represent cash outflow.  Marketing is the engine that creates […]

Managing Your Business’s Cash Flow

By Zach Johnson / September 30, 2021

Knowing how much is coming in and going out is the first step to creating a profitable business At the most basic level, business is all the exchange of value between two or more parties. In addition to credit, liquid cash is the most common way to exchange that value. Although some industries are more […]

How to Calculate ROAS

By Zach Johnson / September 17, 2021

Getting the big picture on your ad campaigns’ success starts with one simple equation. In the hyper-competitive world of online marketing, data reigns supreme when it comes to improving ad performance and profits.  In the U.S. alone where companies spend more than $125 billion on digital advertising, understanding what your return on ad spend (ROAS) […]

The Best Credit Card Offers of 2021

By Zach Johnson / September 13, 2021

Choose from this year’s most enticing array of intro and welcome credit card offers. If you’re shopping for a new credit card to add to your business expense or digital ad financing options, you might be looking at a variety of requirements that might make it best for your needs.  Those might include ones with […]

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