The 3 Best Marketing Books You Need to Read Now!

The 3 Best Marketing Books You Need to Read Now!

Written by: Elena Zuban

We need to keep reading, learning and growing if we want to really excel in life and in our businesses.

Ask yourself this question: When was the last time you read a book related to your business?

If it was recently then you’re awesome! If it was a while ago then you can still be awesome, just put these 3 books on your reading list and dig in.

You may think that you have zero time to read (don’t worry I hear you) but try scheduling 15 minutes a day to reading a book related to growing your digital marketing agency, you’ll be amazed how much knowledge you’ll pick up in that short time.

Or if you’re too busy to read, try swapping something out, like scrolling through Facebook or Instagram for reading instead. Your future self, your agency and your clients will thank you.

So, on that note here are 3 of the best marketing books to help you grow your business.


The 3 Best Marketing Books You Need to Read Now!

#1: Web Analytics 2.0 - by Avinash Kaushik

The 3 Best Marketing Books You Need to Read Now!

Whether you’ve just begun your first internship OR you’re starting out in the big wide world of marketing and/or building your own digital marketing agency, this book is for you!

It gives you the framework and mindset that you need to understand internet marketing and the differences compared to the old school traditional marketing angle.

Avinash puts an incredible focus on deeply understanding users, whether it is through traditional quantitative or qualitative analysis.

Don’t be put off by the word “love” in the title; instead focus on the subtitle “How to Matter to Your Customers.”

This book is focused on and adopted from a series of blog posts from Bernadette’s website, which makes it a very easy 81-page read full of fresh engaging content.

This book will give you more insight, ideas, and inspiration than any other book out there. Bernadette claims you don’t sell a product, you sell a story and doing so requires both facts and feelings.

Whether your marketing business is B2C or B2B this book is perfect for you, grab your copy and put this knowledge in your head within a week or sooner depending on your time and how quick you can read the book.

The 3 Best Marketing Books You Need to Read Now!
The 3 Best Marketing Books You Need to Read Now!

This book uses the same approach author John Hall used to build Influence & Co into a dominant content marketing company.

John shows you how to use content to build an authentic and high performing brand that sticks in the minds of key decision-makers.

The book includes tips on how to win trust in digital marketing so that you become a first choice for your customers want and need.

Ready to Put the Information in These Books Into Action for Your Agency?

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Your company will benefit from these 3 books (and the masterclass) greatly, whether you’re running a new or well-established digital marketing agency,

Get out there & grab a copy of these easy to read books and start soaking up the knowledge. Here’s to growing and constantly becoming better!

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