[Case Study] How Adilah Curry Got Her First High-Ticket Client in Just 14 Days

How Adilah Curry Got Her First High-Ticket Client in Just 14 Days

Written by: Zach Johnson

Adilah Curry is the Founder and CEO of Real Estate RockIt, a digital marketing agency that offers marketing, branding, content creation and social media for real estate companies and professionals.


She helps clients ‘Rock It’ in real estate by allowing them to focus on the high-value activities that drive growth. She helps her clients shine brighter & get results using her specialized digital marketing & support services.

Before FunnelDash

Adilah’s family is in the real estate business. As a teenager, she started working for her father, a contractor, landlord, and real estate investor. After working a few years as a real estate assistant, she went on to become a licensed REALTOR® in 2003 at the age of 19.

During her time as a REALTOR®, she also managed a branch office of a real estate firm. She fell in love with providing help to agents and seeing them go on to achieve great success. She decided to go full-time as a real estate marketing consultant and founded her digital marketing agency in 2015.

Adilah initially started charging clients hourly rates for marketing and business development services. This resulted in long hours, never-ending task lists, and no personal life. In the early part of 2017, Adilah began making plans to restructure her business from an hourly-rate based model to a flat fee retainer-based business model. 

Adilah had been looking for a powerful value-add service that would separate her from the competition. She wanted something that could be used as a compelling lead magnet that would genuinely offer value to her potential clients.

Then she saw Zach Johnson, our Founder and CEO, on a Tai Lopez presentation and looked into FunnelDash.

Adilah Takes the Plunge

She was immediately impressed with the easy to use templates, tools, & training that FunnelDash offers. She attended our live workshop and was convinced that FunnelDash was the solution to taking her business to the next level. Adilah took us up on our workshop offer and scheduled her onboarding call.

She sat down with Zach and talked about her business and her goals. They had an excellent conversation that she found to be very helpful. She also joined the FunnelDash User Community, where she found even more help and support. She worked with our Customer Support team, Melanie and Sara, who answered a lot of questions and got her started with the software. 

Just Joined Comment.jpg

But, as with all things, her life got busy and Adilah’s interest in FunnelDash was put on the back burner.

Fortunately, she had another call with Zach about a week later, which spurred her into action.

She contacted a current client who she was already working with to create content for a sales page. This client had already spent $25,000 on a launch for a coaching program that “didn’t launch.” This was all happening just as Adilah was joining FunnelDash.

Adilah saw this as the perfect opportunity to offer a solution and help her client re-boot with a successful launch by using the tools and resources provided by FunnelDash. She offered her client a Facebook ads audit, and her client accepted.

Audit Accepted Comment.jpg

Adilah authenticated her client’s Facebook ads account with her FunnelDash account and started looking at her audiences with the Facebook Audience Audit Dashboard. She found several areas that could be improved, so she took a screenshot, circled those areas and sent the screenshot to her client.

Dashboard Screenshot Comment.jpg

Amazing support comment.jpg

Her client was extremely impressed and excited to see more!

The single screenshot Adilah sent over was an eye opener for her client and allowed her to see opportunities for growth and improvement that her client was not aware of.

Within a week of Adilah initially approaching her about doing an audit of her Facebook account, (and using FunnelDash to do that audit) Adilah’s client signed a retainer agreement for 90 days at $2,000 a month, with an additional $2,250 for the first month in set-up fees. 

The retainer agreement was accepted 14 days after Adilah signed up for FunnelDash during our live workshop.

Prior to this, Adilah had offered Facebook ads as part of her normal consulting work for her real estate clients. This was the very first time she’d offered Facebook as a separate service. She went from charging an hourly rate for all the work she did, to charging $2,000 per month, just for Facebook ads.

Adilah was so excited! She thanked the FunnelDash User Community for all their help and support.

Thank You Comment.jpg

She genuinely appreciates the support network FunnelDash has set up to encourage new users to reach their goals.

“The community you guys have in the Facebook group is such an invaluable asset. You have people in there who are skilled, experienced and knowledgeable and they can give you advice. There’s no way I could have done this without the support of that (the group) and Zach. There was just no way. The whole support system was extremely invaluable and I would encourage people to take advantage of it as soon as they can.”

Adilah’s Recommendation

Go for the low-hanging fruit!

Start with clients or people you already have a relationship with. They already know you, so there’s a certain level of trust and understanding you’ve established. Use this to your advantage and introduce the idea of a Facebook ads audit to get them interested in your ad campaign services.

If She Could Do It Again…

Adilah mentioned that she would have started right in on learning FunnelDash and the courses in the FunnelDash Academy, had she realized what an incredible asset they were. That way she could have been more knowledgeable and had more confidence when the opportunity presented itself.

As she worked with her client to do the audit and create her offer, Adilah relied heavily on the Academy and all the resources there. She continues to use these resources as she’s building her client’s funnel and campaign.

Adilah’s Advice

Sign up for FunnelDash!

Adilah says “this is one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. The support from the FunnelDash team and the User Community is simply amazing!”

She also said that using FunnelDash’s Academy, dashboards, and audit tool were what enabled her to sign her first high-ticket client within 14 days of joining as a customer.


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