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How to Get and Manage Course Creator Clients for Your Facebook Ads Agency

Written by: Zach Johnson

Today, we're turning the FunnelDash blog over to Kristin Savage of Pick Writers to show you how to expand into the niche of course creator clients for your Facebook ads agency.

You’re running a Facebook ads agency, and you feel like there’s room for improvement. You want to expand your reach and get clients from a new niche. After considering different niches, you realize course creator clients might just be the perfect niche for you to win over.

Potential course creator clients are people or companies who offer the services of teaching their clients a skill or giving them knowledge about something. Their courses could be about anything really: from foreign language courses to cooking lessons.

However, most of them prefer to focus on making their courses absolutely perfect and don’t want to put in the effort it takes to run a Facebook ad campaign. That’s where your Facebook ads agency steps in to help them make their dreams come true.

Follow the instructions below to make their dreams, and your dreams, reality.


Facebook Ads Agency Courses Clients

Use a FunnelDash Agency Funnel to Start Collecting Course Creator Client Leads

Inside every FunnelDash account are 4 Agency Funnels you can use to collect new leads for your Facebook ad agency. They are:

  • Keyword Trigger
  • Direct Link
  • Messenger Button
  • Messenger QR Code
Agency Funnels

Customize your Agency Funnel to your Facebook ad agency’s style, voice, and preferences.

Next, build your Messenger sequence to prequalify your leads and get them to sign up for your Facebook ads audit.

Your Messenger sequence will give new leads the experience of having someone interacting directly with them, even though it’s entirely automated. If you get a notification that someone is going through the sequence, you can always jump in and respond in real time if you want to.

The best thing about using a Messenger sequence? It works 24/7 so you have a steady stream of leads signing up for your free Facebook ads audit, which means you can convert as many clients as you want to fill your Facebook ads agency’s roster.

Here’s what your Messenger sequence will look like to potential leads:

Facebook Ads Agency Courses Sequence Start

And your leads will be guided through a full sequence that looks like this:

Facebook ads agency Courses Sequence Diagram

Once this is ready to go, it’s time to…

Reach Out to Potential Clients and Get New Leads

First things first, you need to let people know what is it that you’re offering and how they can join in.

You could simply search for potential clients manually, then contact them directly about your services and your free Facebook ads audit. This blog post will give you some ideas on how to do that.

However, there’s a better way to find new customers. Run a Facebook ad campaign for your agency. This strategy is perfect for two reasons:

  • You advertise your agency and get more leads
  • You show potential customers your mad campaign skills and demonstrate how they can attract their potential customers the same way you attracted them.

Therefore, your next step is to:

Create a Messenger Ad to Promote Your Facebook Ads Agency

Start by creating a Facebook Messenger ad that highlights your offer and tells potential clients exactly what kind of services you provide. Make sure the ad is visually appealing as well as informative.

We recommend offering a free Facebook ads audit to get new leads in the door.

Your ad will look something like this:

Facebook Ads Agency Courses Clients

Once potential clients click the Send Message button, as the ad above recommends they do, they’ll enter your Agency Funnel, start your Messenger sequence and begin a conversation with you.

Your Facebook Messenger sequence prequalifies your leads, to ensure you’re talking to people who you can actually help. Once they clear the prequalifications, they’ll sign up for the free Facebook ads audit with you.

To make the ad bring in the right kind of leads you need to

Target Your Potential Audience of Course creator clients

You’re looking for people who have created courses and want to get them out into the world. Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t give this information specifically. However, you can target people based on the online learning platforms available to course creators, as I demonstrated in the screenshot below.

Facebook ad agency client targeting

Use the Suggestions tool to find more if you need to.

As always, if you want to work with a specific platform, only target people interested in that platform.

I chose the United States because it’s where we’re based and an age rainge of 35 – 55 because these people usually have money to invest in their projects. That’s not to say that other countries and other age ranges would not be good targets for you.

Consider the languages your Facebook ad agency can support and the countries you want to work in, as well as the ages of the clients you want to work with and go from there.

Show Your Potential Clients Why They Need You

Once potential clients start signing up for your free Facebook ads audit, you need to prove your value to them.

Remember your goal is to turn potential clients into actual long-term clients by showing them how their current ads are doing and what you can do to improve their current and future campaigns.

In your FunnelDash Dashboards section, find the Audit Request button and click it. Follow the instructions to gain access to your client’s Facebook ad account.

Once you have access, you’ll be able to:

  • Analyze their current ad campaigns
  • Identify issues
  • Suggest how to eliminate issues and improve existing campaigns
  • Create a strategy for future campaigns and provide a strategic plan on how to conduct them

By analyzing your potential client’s current data, you’ll be able to use the Facebook Ad Audit dashboard to give them a highly-informative analysis of their current ad campaigns. Then you can give recommendations to improve their campaigns, using numbers and facts you can show them in their report.


To secure your potential clients trust you with their future Facebook ad campaigns, you need to help them define their future goals.

Give practical suggestions on what your course creator clients can do to have their courses sell better and gain more customers on a daily basis. Make sure your suggestions are:

  • Niche specific, focusing on selling online courses.
  • Aimed at using facebook ads to improve overall business success.

Once your potential clients see how professional and experienced your Facebook ad agency is, they’ll be more than happy to sign the retainer contract and see what you can do to make their business flourish.

When you finally seal the deal with your course creator clients, it’s time to manage their Facebook ad campaign and get them more customers.

Managing Course creator clients’ Facebook Ad Campaigns

Sit down with your client and discuss their offer in terms of:

  • Types of courses
  • Pricing
  • Most popular courses
  • Bonuses, special offers and discounts

Get to know your client’s business and identify their audience. Choose which course and offer to promote and focus on creating the target audience for that specific ad.

With more than 2.3 billion active users per month that use Facebook, you can easily find your client’s sweet spot in the market by asking:

  • Who is this course for?
  • What group of people will be most interested in it?
  • What benefits does the course offer to the customer?

Once you find the answers to the above questions, you need to create your target audience in Facebook Ads Manager.

You’ll need to define the following:

  • Location - Remember that online courses aren’t necessarily tied to the USA only. Based on the course type, you can expand the location of the target audience.
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Languages
  • Detailed targeting - This section allows you to add details to your target audience and target a specific group of people which is certain to be interested in your ad.

For example, if the ad is for an Online Spanish Language Course, you can add interests and behaviors such as the ones shown below.

Facebook Ads Agency Targeting Courses Customer Audience

Running the Ad Campaign to Drive New Leads to Your Client’s Course

Finally, it’s time to show your client what you’re made of.

Create an ad which will evoke interest in the target audience you’ve created and give them a reason to click it.

Make sure it’s both visually attractive and easy to understand. In addition, make it intriguing.

We will continue with the idea of a Spanish Language course, so your ad might look something like this:

Facebook ads agency FB Client Ad

Most of your clients will want to drive traffic straight to a landing page or course platform sign-up form.

However, you may have clients who have different course levels and may want to prequalify their leads so they get sent to the correct course “level” landing page.

If this is the case, your Messenger sequence may look something like this:

Facebook Ads Agency Client Courses Sequence

Reporting Results to Your Client

Once you’ve got your campaign is up and running and you start seeing results, make sure to report those results to your client.

Use the FunnelDash Weekly Client Report dashboard to give your client insight into their campaign progress. You can add KPIs to show where your Facebook ad agency is meeting and exceeding those benchmarks, and you can leave notes to describe what you’ve done and how that has affected the campaign.


Once a month, you should meet with your client to review these reports, drill down into the data and make decisions about the campaign as you move forward.

Want Copies of These Assets, So You Can Use Them to Create Your Own Campaigns?

We’d love to give them to you in our Courses Campaign Kit. You’ll get:

  • The Facebook ads we built for this post, so you have them for reference.
  • The images we used so you can add them to your own campaigns.
  • The audience targeting images so you have them for reference.
  • The ad copy for both ads so you can copy, paste, and adjust it to fit your own Facebook ad agency campaign and client campaign.

Click on the button below to get your Courses Campaign Kit now.

Please let us know your results after you run your course creator clients campaign. We may use your story as a case study in a future blog post.

Kristin Savage has been a reviewer at Pick Writers for a few years and is known for her thorough approach to accurately assess newcomer translation services. You can find her on Facebook and Twitter.

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