Deliver Value to Persuade Your New Leads to Schedule a Free Facebook Ads Audit

Deliver Value to Persuade Your New Leads to Schedule a Free Facebook Ads Audit

Written by: Zach Johnson

You’ve got your Agency Funnel set up and ready to roll.

You’re promoting your funnel using several lead generation methods, including Facebook ads.

What do you do once they start opting in? 

How do you make contact? What do you say to convince them they should schedule a full Facebook ads audit with you? How do you prove your value, beyond this cool lead-gen tool? 

There are lots of ways to do this, and your method will ultimately depend on your goal. To make sure you’re prepared for the next step in your clients’ conversion journey, I’m going to give you 3 methods you can use to go from getting the lead to scheduling the call. 



1. Optimize Your Thank You Page

Your Thank You page is the first thing people see after they opt in for your Instant Audit. Take advantage of the fact that they just said “yes” to you once and get them to do it again.


Offer your free Facebook ad audit on your Thank You page and link directly to your scheduling app. There are lots of them out there. We recommend Calendly as they have a free version that allows you to set one kind of appointment. There’s a longer list (along with a lot of other great tools) in this blog post.

Along with the button that links to your scheduling app, tell them why they should get a Facebook Ads audit, what it will do for them and how they’ll benefit. Giving them a reason will make people more likely to click on that button. After all, it’s free. What do they have to lose? 

Finally, add a way for people to share your Instant Audit. The best advertising is always word of mouth. Most landing page and website platforms include widgets or plugins that let you add social media links back to your original Instant Audit landing page.

Pro Tip: Check to make sure you’ve linked back to your Instant Audit landing page, and not your Thank You page.

2. Send a Follow Up Email Sequence

Once people start opting into your Instant Audit, you’ll see them in your FunnelDash Account.

Here’s how you find them: 

  • Go to the left sidebar menu and click on Growth Tools.
  • Click on Facebook Creative Audits.
  • Click on the name of your Instant Audit.

A scrolling list will pop up and you’ll see the name, email, Facebook email and ad spend for the last 90 days for each person who has opted in. Click on the green “Download CSV” button to download this list. 


Upload these contacts into your email service provider (ESP) or customer relationship management software (CRM.)

Create a simple, 2-3 email sequence thanking your subscribers for opting in to get their instant audit and encouraging them to sign up for your full Facebook Ads Audit. These emails don’t need to be long but, just like the Thank You page, they should include:

  • Why they should get a free Facebook ads audit
  • What the audit will do for them
  • How they’ll benefit
  • A link to your scheduling app.

Pro Tip: Use your ESP or CRM to track who has signed up for your free audit and remove those people from this email sequence. If they’ve signed up, the emails have done their job.

But what do you do if they don’t opt in?

Definitely put them on your regular email list, so they remember you exist. Perhaps they’re not ready to up their Facebook game yet and they just need some time.

Or, you can…

3. Send a Personal Message with Some Useful Advice

There will be people who don’t take you up on your offer. Why, I don’t know. You’re fabulous and your free Facebook ad audit will help them immensely. Some people just need a little extra nudge. Here’s how you can give that to them.

Obviously, you want to conduct the audits for people who have raised their hands and put time on your calendar first. They are most likely to become your clients. 

If no one opts in for your Free Facebook ads audit, if you have a lull in your audit and work schedule, or if you see a name or email address on your Instant Audit opt-in list that you’d just love to have as a client, you can do a little extra leg work to get them on an ad audit call.

Go to their Facebook page and look at their current ads. Take some notes on what you would change and how you think they could improve their ads. Do the same thing with their website. 

This doesn’t have to be an exhaustive list, just a few things that will help them out.

Take this information and record a video, sharing your screen and pointing out the changes you recommend. If you don’t like making videos, write it in a document but be specific, so they can tell what you’re talking about. 

Send an email from your personal account (not your ESP) to this person with a link to your video or your document attached. 

Your email should: 

  • Reintroduce yourself.
  • Remind them that they opted in for your free Instant Audit, but didn’t take you up on your full Facebook ads audit.
  • Explain you’ve done for them.
  • Ask them to schedule their free Facebook ads audit and include the link to your scheduling app.

Doing this shows your value before they’ve even committed to the Facebook ads audit. It gives them extra incentive to sign up, because you’ve already helped them by providing changes they can make to their marketing right away.

For those of you who are wondering if this works, contacting a specific company and offering advice on how to improve their marketing is the exact method our Founder and CEO, Zach Johnson, used when he started his digital marketing agency. 

The first client he landed was Dr. Axe.

Yes. This works.

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