How to Differentiate Your Facebook Advertising Agency from Your Competition

How to Differentiate Your Facebook Advertising Agency from Your Competition

Written by: Zach Johnson

Do you run a Facebook advertising agency? If you do, you know exactly how much competition you’re up against. A lot. Like hundreds of thousands of other Facebook ads agencies.

Don’t believe me?

Just to be curious, I ran the searched the term “Facebook advertising agency” on Google. I got back 21,000,000 results. Seriously.

Granted, some of those are blog posts and some are from multiple ads, run by the same agency. But still, that’s a heck of a lot of competition.

If you market yourself the same way your competition does, you’ll be lost in the crowd.

So, what do you do to make yourself stand out?

How to Differentiate Your Facebook Advertising Agency from Your Competition

Offer a Data-Driven Facebook Ads Audit

“Wait a second!” I hear you cry. “Everyone offers a Facebook ads audit. It’s the standard lead magnet.”

Yes, it is. But you’ll notice I didn’t recommend offering any old Facebook ads audit. I recommended offering a data-driven Facebook ads audit. There’s a difference.

You see, a standard Facebook ads audit usually involves the business owner or Facebook ads manager making a bunch of guesses as to what might work for a potential client’s account. Then they spout off some nonsense about “special tactics” and “proprietary formulas” they use to get results.

A data-driven Facebook ads audit involves using a potential client’s own Facebook ads account to run the audit. 

Here’s what you do:

  1. Run a Facebook ads campaign, promoting your agency and offering a free audit. This not only gets you leads, it shows that you run effective Facebook ads campaigns, as anyone who clicks on your ad and opts in for a free audit will notice.
  2. Once the leads start rolling in and you get someone who’s interested in an audit, schedule a call with your new potential client.
  1. Get access to your potential client’s Facebook ads audit, before the call. This is an important part of the sequence, as you want time to review their account before you talk to them.
  1. Review your potential client’s account and look for ways to improve their campaigns.Now, you can do this by spending hours and hours, creating spreadsheets and pivot tables, then trying to glean any useful information from the mess of data you accumulated.Or you can use the FunnelDash Facebook Audience Audit Dashboard to quickly find the information you’re looking for and come up with a solid list of recommendations to make during the audit call. (You knew FunnelDash was going to show up here somewhere, right?)
  1. During the scheduled call, go over what you found in your potential client’s Facebook ads account. Show them which campaigns are doing well, and which ones should probably be shut off.
  1. Use the information you found to make recommendations on what you would do to improve their ROI, as their new Facebook advertising agency.

It is not uncommon for potential clients to stop you somewhere in this process and just say, “How much will it cost to have you do this for me?” This is exactly what you want to happen.

At that point, you have the opportunity to present your proposal (which you should already have drafted, if you can) so they can sign your retainer agreement right away.

Grow Your Business by Growing the ROI of Other Businesses

Let’s face it. You love what you do. And you’re good at it. But convincing clients to sign up for your services, and pay you what you’re worth, can be a real pain.

The system I outlined above will break down the resistance most business owners have to being “sold.” It will also convince them that you know what you’re doing and will make money for them, without you having to say so.

It will allow you to charge what you’re worth, like $2,000, $5000, or $10,000 a month, instead of chasing after the measly little $500 to $1,000 contracts you might be able to get now.

And it will let you live the life you want to live, helping others grow their businesses.

Most importantly, it works, regardless of your level of experience. You can use this system if you’re just starting out, and if you’re a seasoned Facebook ads veteran with several clients.


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