Zach-Radford Case Study

How Zach Radford Got 20+ New Clients Using a FunnelDash Agency Messenger Funnel

Written by: Zach Johnson

Zach Radford was working for one of the largest digital marketing agencies in Canada when he decided he was done and wanted to start his own agency.

He’d been running Facebook ads for this agency, but he was tired of everything being “all about the numbers.”

He wanted something different.

He wanted to work directly with his clients and give them the best service possible.

He wanted more creative control over the campaigns he was running.

He wanted to be his own boss and forge his own path.

So, he quit his day job and started his own digital marketing agency.


Zach-Radford Case Study

The Struggle is Real

Like many digital marketing agencies, Zach’s struggled at first.

Getting clients in the door can be a real challenge. Plus, he and his team were working so hard to take care of the 2-3 clients they had at any given time, that they weren’t spending enough time watching out for themselves.

They didn’t have an easy, efficient way to get new clients into their system to replace their outgoing clients. Once a client’s contract ended, if they decided not to renew, Zach’s agency had to scurry to find a new client to replace the old one.

What’s more, the new agency was only making $2,000 - $3,000 a month. Definitely not enough to keep a business running well. Or enough to support Zach’s young family.

Zach Radford's original post about starting digital marketing agencies

Zach knew this feast or famine cycle wasn’t sustainable.

What he didn’t know was how to fix the problem.

That’s when he came across the FunnelDash online training.

And that 2 hour training changed his life forever.

A New Way of Thinking for Digital Marketing Agencies

Most Agencies get leads from Facebook ads or their website, and the consultation consists of them stumbling over themselves, trying to explain how they might be able to help a company get more customers and increase their ROI.

They show case studies from other clients, many of which are nothing like the company they’re currently wooing.

They make random predictions about results they may be able to get and make promises they can never keep.

All of this results in clients who end up being disappointed and leaving far earlier than they should.

Then the digital marketing agencies struggle to find their next potential lead, and the cycle repeats…. And repeats… and repeats…

Until the agency owner gives the business up as a lost cause.

Which is sad, really.

Because there is a much better way of doing things.

That’s what Zach Radford found when he encountered FunnelDash’s online training and watched Zach Johnson, FunnelDash Founder and CEO, explain how he and his agency could not only prove their worth up front, but do a much better job of retaining clients, long-term. And charge a lot more for their services.

Like $2,000 - $5,000 per month, per client.

When you consider that Zach Radford’s agency had been making $2,000 - $3,000 a month, total, that sounded like a miracle to him!

What is this fantastic but mysterious new way of convincing a company to come on as a new client?


A free, full Facebook ads audit.

You, as the agency owner, and your team, analyze a company’s current Facebook ad campaign. You find the audiences, times of ad delivery, devices and other demographics that can be tweaked to improve a company’s current ROI, right away. You look at what can be removed entirely, to save them money on top of that.

You deliver this report to your potential client and give them this very valuable information, which they could walk away and use on their own if they wished.

By showing them everything that needs to be done, and how much work it will take, makes it much more likely that they’ll sign on to your agency so you’ll do it for them.

That way, they can get back to running their business and leave running the ads in your capable hands.

Which is exactly what FunnelDash was built to do.

FunnelDash’s dashboards pull all the information from your client’s Facebook ad account and show you where you need to tweak and prune your Facebook ad campaign to make it run more efficiently and get more customers at a lower cost.

This idea was revolutionary for Zach Radford.

Plus, there was a second revolutionary idea that Zach Johnson introduced on the online training.

FunnelDash Agency Messenger Funnels.

If you’re promoting Facebook ads services, what better way to prove that you’re good at the process than setting up a funnel based around a Facebook product, Messenger.

An Agency Messenger Funnel lets you respond to a potential client immediately, and prequalify them for your services, all without you lifting a finger, once the system is set up.

The Messenger sequence does all the work for you, up to taking the new lead to your appointment scheduling app, where they can book their free Facebook ad audit with you.

Pretty cool, huh?

Zach Radford thought so.

(And he confessed to me that he’s easily sold.)

But this was exactly what Zach Radford was looking for.

He jumped in with both feet, purchased FunnelDash and started growing his agency.

Taking Advantage of All the Resources Available

FunnelDash offers new subscribers many benefits, including a lot of resources to get you going.

One of these resources is the weekly call, with Zach Johnson, our company Founder, where attendees can ask questions about pretty much anything Facebook ad campaign or FunnelDash app related. These are called the Ask Me Anything calls, for that reason.

Zach Radford spent a lot of time grilling Zach Johnson about everything he could possibly think of.

The calls were invaluable.

Zach R. learned a ton and was able to quickly and easily set up his Agency Messenger Funnel so he could start getting new clients in the door and conduct their Facebook ad audits.

FunnelDash offers this service to digital marketing agencies because we understand that it can take a little while to get up and running with our system.

We also know that the more ideas and feedback you can get, regardless of your experience, number of clients, or income level, the better you’re able to serve those clients and grow your own agency.

Building the Agency Messenger Funnel

Zach R’s original niche was real estate agents. He knew this was a group he could serve easily and get good results for.

In October of 2018, when Zach built out his Agency Messenger Funnel, he built it in ManyChat.

FunnelDash was just introducing our Agency Messenger Funnel system and this may have happened right before our system went live.

However, Zach R. used the exact system, layout and very similar wording to what Zach J. recommended on the FunnelDash online training.

That Messenger sequence looked very similar to this:

Agency Sequence Diagram

As a FunnelDash subscriber, you have access to this sequence as part of your account. You can also purchase niche-oriented Messenger sequences (including real estate) to use to get leads for your own agency, or to attract new leads for your clients’ campaigns inside the FunnelDash app.

Once his Agency Messenger Funnel was built, he was ready to link it to his Facebook ad campaign.

Building the Facebook Ad Campaigns

Zach R. knew he was going after real estate agents who were running Facebook ads.

He created 2 ads.

The first targeted real estate agents directly.

Real Estate Ad

The second was a crossover audience of real estate agents who like Grant Cardone.

Grant Cardone Ad

For this audience, Zach sent them to a short Grant Cardone video right after he got their information via his Agency Messenger Funnel. This gave his leads extra information they could use and automatically increased Zach’s value in his new leads’ minds.

Grant Cardone Messenger Funnel
Grant Cardone YouTube Video

Zach hit the Publish button on each campaign and sat back to see what happened.

The Results of Both Campaigns

The real estate only campaign started 216 Messenger conversations at a cost per result of $6.18.

The Grant Cardone crossover campaign started 565 Messenger conversations at a cost per result of $1.49.

 Campaign Results

Overall this got Zach more than 600 leads and over 20 new clients, which generated more than $30,000 in new business over the next 4 months!

Zach shared the awesome news in one of the Facebook groups for digital marketing agencies that he was part of.

Zach Radford's Campaign Brag Post

Since this campaign, and its raving success, Zach has grown his agency, White Label Ads to $20,000 a month. He serves primarily ClickFunnels customers in a variety of niches.

He also runs a marketing training company called Profitable Ads​​​.

To this day, he uses FunnelDash to do all of his Facebook ads audits and manage his clients’ campaigns. And he still attends the weekly Ask Me Anything calls when he needs feedback or to bounce ideas off other agency owners.

Even better, Zach has more time to spend with his family and enjoy his life as a digital marketing agency owner and entrepreneur.

Zach Radford and his Family

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