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Facebook Ads Reports – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly and Why You May Want to Automate Your Client Reporting with a 3rd Party Reporting Tool

Written by: Zach Johnson

There are a lot of philosophies out there when it comes to analyzing data in Facebook Ads Manager and creating Facebook ads reports.

Some good, some bad, some just plain ugly.

They all have their advantages and disadvantages, but I will tell you one thing. They all involve a lot of time and effort when it comes to getting an actual report that your clients understand.

Like, 20+ hours, per report, depending on how complicated a campaign you’re running and how detailed you want to get when it comes to parsing all the data Facebook Ads Manager spits out.

Lots of digital marketing agencies generate very basic reports for their clients, then use that data to make “educated guesses” as to what is and isn’t working in their clients’ campaigns.

If you make the wrong “educated guess” this can be a very expensive way to run your business and manage your clients’ campaigns.

There is a much simpler way to:

  • Get the information you need to make data-driven decisions about your clients’ campaigns.

  • Generate clean, easy-to-understand Facebook ads reports that show your clients the exact metrics they want to see, while still showing you the metrics you need to demonstrate your progress.

  • Spend significantly less time doing both of the above, while still getting better results and improving your clients’ ROI.

What is this revolutionary, “simpler way” that will improve every aspect of your life as a digital marketing agency owner?


What the Heck is FunnelDash?

FunnelDash is a 3rd party Facebook ads reporting tool that pulls all the data from your clients’ Facebook ads accounts and puts it into clear, easy-to-understand dashboards.

These dashboards present the important metrics you need to see upfront. Unlike Facebook Ads Manager, which buries them in amongst huge long lists of metrics that may or may not matter to you and your clients.

FunnelDash makes it 10 times faster to analyze your clients’ campaign data and create comprehensive reports that show exactly how your campaign has been raking in the leads and sales and boosting their ROI.

But first, let me remind you of how you’re doing things now:

The Bad: Sorting Through Facebook Ads Manager, Trying to Find Answers

When you log into your Facebook ads account, you have to hunt for the results of your current campaigns.

Facebook Ads Manager doesn’t give you a pretty, easy-to-digest snapshot, you have to dig through a lot of numbers to get the answers you want. This can mean hours of pivot tables and slicing the data to ensure the numbers you think you have are correct.

FB Ads Manager.jpg

Please note: It takes hours of sorting through pivot tables and data slicing for seasoned pros who do this every day. It’s much worse if you’re not a Facebook ads analyst who understands where to find the data you need.

As a digital marketing agency owner, time is of the essence. You need to be able to make decisions about your clients’ campaigns quickly, instead of spending tons of time wading through their data, looking for answers.

The sooner you have the information you need, the faster you can act to make adjustments to your clients’ campaigns to improve efficiency and results. This can mean the difference between wasting or saving a lot of money for your clients, so yes, it matters.

It also matters when it comes to creating a weekly or monthly Facebook ads report for your clients. They don’t want to sort through metrics that don’t matter to them any more than you do. They’ll get frustrated if you don’t show them the numbers that matter to them up front:

  • Ad spend
  • Leads
  • Sales
  • ROI

This puts a lot of pressure on you to make sure these numbers are accurate and that they’re the numbers your client wants to see.

The Ugly: Spreadsheet Hell

Most digital marketing agencies and Facebook ad managers have to download their data from Facebook Ads manager, then put it into spread sheets and create pivot tables, just to figure out the results of their campaigns.

Getting your data should not be this complicated.

It should not take you hours of slaving over tables full of data, just to calculate your ROI and find out how many leads and customers you got last week.

But many digital marketing agency owners still do this. Every. Single. Week.

And, if you’re running Facebook ads for clients, you can multiply that amount of work by the number of clients you have.

This means if you have 5 clients, you’re spending a minimum of 100 hours every month on creating Facebook ads reports.

That’s a lot of time you and your employees or freelancers could be spending doing more important things, like managing your clients’ accounts, so you’re getting them better results.

Fortunately for you, FunnelDash makes all of this easy.

The Good: FunnelDash Shows You the Campaign Data You Want to See Right Away

FunnelDash increases your speed of execution so that you aren’t wasting your time ensuring the accuracy of your data.

The FunnelDash Facebook Weekly Dashboard shows you all the metrics you want to see as soon as you log into your FunnelDash account, including how many clicks, leads and sales have come in.

Facebook Weekly.jpg

This dashboard gives you a high-level overview of your campaigns. Plus, all the information your client wants to see is right here at your fingertips.

Did your client call and ask how the campaign is going? Take a screenshot of this dashboard and send it to them.

Told you FunnelDash made everything faster.

FunnelDash Lets You Customize Your Facebook Ads Reports

As mentioned earlier, creating a client report is so much easier in FunnelDash, you’ll wonder why you’ve been spending so much time slaving over spreadsheets all these years.

You can customize each of our dashboards to show the metrics that are important to you and your clients.  You can color code each metric so it’s easier to find at a glance. And you can filter your data by:

  • Week
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Device Platform
  • Hourly Stats
  • Country
  • Ad Set
  • Ad

You can set up a dashboard in FunnelDash that is your “standard client report” and customize it so it shows the exact metrics you want each of your clients to see on a weekly or monthly basis.

Then all you have to do when you’re ready to send a report is use the gear icon on the right to change to the appropriate client’s data.

You’ll have everything you want them to see displayed in front of you, in an easy-to-digest format.

Your Get Out of Hell Free Card

FunnelDash pulls all the information from your Facebook ads account for you and sorts it into customizable, easy-to-understand dashboards. From there, you can drill down into the details of your campaign and see which demographics, campaigns, ad sets and ads are performing best.

Once you have the information you’re looking for, you’ll be able to decide which ads you want to turn off, and which you want to scale to get more leads or sales.

Getting out of Spreadsheet Hell was the reason FunnelDash was created. Or, as Zach Johnson, our Founder and CEO likes to say, “We built FunnelDash to scratch our own itch.”

Our company started out as a digital marketing agency. Once we got several customers, our Facebook ads managers were spending that 20+ hours a month, per client, pulling those spreadsheets and sorting through the data, putting it into pivot tables and hoping they were getting the right answers.

Our team was miserable because they were spending all their time on client reporting.

Our clients were unhappy because we weren’t able to give them answers fast enough. And half the time, the answers were either wrong, or weren’t the results they wanted to see.

Zach was tearing his hair out because his every waking hour was spent answering calls from angry clients or trying to help his team get the answers they needed to get better campaign results.

Things were rough all around.

That’s when Zach decided it was time to build a software platform to do the work for us.

He already knew that data-driven Facebook ads management was the way to go. That’s why he was willing to invest all that time into finding the right answers. But it was taking way to long and driving everyone insane.

So, he came up with the idea for FunnelDash.

Now, we share this wonderful creation with you.

Your Get Out of Hell Free Card is a free trial of FunnelDash. Click on the button below to sign up.

If you want to find out more about our humble origins, read How FunnelDash Came to Be.

With FunnelDash, You Get Definitive Answers

Most digital marketing agencies won’t look for the right answers when it comes to their clients’ campaigns, because it takes way too much time and effort. Instead, they make those “educated guesses” I mentioned earlier and hope they get it right.

This is a disservice to their clients, and to themselves. They’re not getting their clients the best possible results and they’re selling themselves short.

Don’t be like these agencies.  Use FunnelDash.

With FunnelDash you can ask a question like, “Which of the ads in my creative test is getting the most clicks?”

To get the answer, just pull up the Creative Testing Dashboard and take a look at the results.

Instead of wondering if you’ve got the right data, you’ll see which ad is performing best.

You can customize this dashboard to see specific metrics for 3 different ads, so you’ve got definitive data on what is and isn’t working in each ad.

You’ll never find this information quickly and easily in Facebook Ads Manager. And most other analytics software platforms can’t pull this information either.

FunnelDash Helps You Get More Clients

This is something else other analytics software platforms can’t do.

And let’s face it, it’s a huge deal.

This can be a make or break situation for digital marketing agencies. You can’t make money if you don’t have clients. And the best way to get new clients is to offer a free, data-driven Facebook ads audit.

Yes, we talk about this particular funnel all the time.


Because it works. We built our agency this way, and that agency is what caused us to build FunnelDash. (Please refer to the “Your Get Out of Hell Free Card” section above.)

To this end, we built our Agency Funnels to help you get a steady stream of new leads and the Facebook Audience Audit Dashboard to help you conduct those audits.

You start by getting new leads into your system with our Agency Funnels. These are easy-to-use growth tools you can set up in a few minutes, so you have a way to get new potential clients interested in your services.

The Agency Funnels include an Instant Audit that you can send to your new leads, to excite them about using data from their own Facebook ad accounts to improve their ROI. Then, you offer a free Facebook ads audit where you can show them exactly what is and isn’t performing in their current campaigns.

You conduct this audit using the Facebook Audience Audit Dashboard.

This dashboard is the key difference between you and your competitors.

During an initial meeting with a client, your competitors may use fancy terminology and refer to campaigns they’ve done in the past. That’s all well and good, but why should your clients care about other people’s results? They want to know what’s in it for them?

You, on the other hand, will have used the Facebook Audience Audit Dashboard to review your potential client’s account before the audit call. You’ll have looked at their campaigns and found places you can tweak them for better performance and efficiency. You’ll have specific ideas on how to improve their ROI.

Your potential clients will be so impressed by the fact that you took the time to look at their data and come up with solutions to their current problems, they’ll stop you partway through the audit and ask how much it will cost for you to run their campaigns. (Yes, this really happens. We’re not making it up.)

Once your new client has signed their retainer agreement and you’re running ads for them, the reporting features inside FunnelDash will make it easy for you to show them how their campaigns are progressing and what you intend to do to make them better.

Want to See How FunnelDash Can Make Creating Your Facebook Ads Reports 10 Times Faster and Help You Get New Clients?

We’d be happy to show you how.

In fact, we’re so sure FunnelDash can do these things for you, while making it much easier to run your digital marketing agency and enjoy your life, we’ll let you try FunnelDash, for free, for 30 days.

You’ve seen the bad and the ugly of Facebook ads reports. Now it’s time to enjoy the good with FunnelDash.

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