We Wrote the Book on How to Grow Your Agency

Written by: Zach Johnson

Here at FunnelDash, we talk all the time about how to grow your agency. We have blog posts, webinars, Facebook lives, and tons of other resources on how make your agency hit 7-figures.

Do you know why we ramble on about this all the time?

Because our Founder and CEO, Zach Johnson has done it! And he’s helped hundreds of other agency owners do the same for their own agencies.

In fact, Zach wrote the book on how to grow your agency. Literally!



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Yes, This Works for Everyone

You might be a brand-new agency owner trying to figure out how to get your first client.

You might be an established agency owner who has become jaded and bitter, because the promise of having more money and free time just hasn’t been your reality.

Instead, you’re working way too hard with clients who suck up all of your time and don’t pay you nearly enough for the trouble they cause. (Yeah, you know exactly what I’m talking about.)

It doesn’t matter how much experience you have or where you are in the progress of your business. These techniques will work.

In fact, they’re proven to work. This is not a “one hit wonder” where Zach was able to make this work for himself but not anyone else. Quite the opposite.

Zach has taught these exact techniques to hundreds of agency owners who have gotten the same kinds of results.

As in, they’ve gone from making $200 - $500 per client, every month to $2,000 - $5000 per client, every month.

Imagine what this could do for your agency!

You could go from slaving over client accounts and spreadsheets, barely making your bills, to actually having money in the bank, the ability to hire staff, and enjoy the freedom you craved when you decided to start your own business!

Agency Growth Hacks

Trust Me, Zach Has Been Where You Are Right Now

When you look at the overview of Zach Johnson’s life, you probably think he’s got it all.

  • He’s worked for 2 Fortune 100 tech companies in the C-Suite.
  • He’s got a successful digital marketing agency that caters to A-Level clients.
  • He’s started his own incredibly profitable software company.
  • He’s happily married to the love of his life and they have an adorable kid.

Believe me when I say, Zach has been through the wringer to get here.

He’s worked in the trenches and knows what it’s like to be harangued by clients at all hours of the day.

He’s spent way too much time working on a client’s campaign, only to have them turn around and leave for another agency who touted a better offer.

He’s put in thousands of hours analyzing data to figure out why a campaign is failing and how to fix it, despite being given different instructions by a client, which he knows won’t work.

He gets it.

He knows exactly what you’re going through and how it affects you.

Zach watched his original agency collapse because his partner failed him, leaving him holding the bag.

After restarting and growing his agency on his own, his health reached a state where his wife, a nurse, rushed him to the hospital because she was convinced he was having a heart attack.

Turns out, he had stress-induced Bell’s Palsy. It paralyzes one side of your face. This happened because he was under so much stress from his job.

That’s when he took a step back, looked at what he was doing, and had the realization that he was doing this all wrong.

What’s more, he knew the solution, because that’s how he’d gotten his first few clients. The ones that had propelled him to the success he’d had, that then drove him to these heights of stress, anxiety, and despair.

Once he implemented this solution, everything changed.

Bell's Palsy

This is the Book Zach Wishes He’d Had When He Started His Agency

That’s why he’s worked so hard to make this book a reality. He knows how life-changing it can be for agency owners at every level. Because it changed his life, for the better, by a huge margin.

This book details the path Zach took to get where he is right now.

It shows the exact steps he took to go from dead broke, having lost everything when his agency collapsed, to a fully-fledged, highly-profitable agency that has served the likes of James Wedmore, Big Commerce, and Hunt A Killer.  

The best part?

You can replicate those exact steps to grow your agency to the same level.

Yes, you will have to make an investment of time and money in your agency.

No, this will not change your agency overnight, with no work on your part.

Yes, you will have to put in effort to support your clients and make their campaigns work.

If you want a no-effort, quick-fix solution that brings in a ton of money while screwing over your clients, this book is not for you.

If you want a solution that you can apply to your agency, over and over, and always get results.

If you want to serve your clients and get them exceptional results with every campaign.

And if you want to grow your agency to 7-figures in the next 12 months, this book is definitely for you.

It will detail everything you need to do, including where to find the “right” clients and how to pick a profitable niche to serve.

He doesn’t hold anything back in this book. You’ll get everything you need to transform your agency from struggling to successful.

Yes, it takes time and effort on your part.

No, it won’t happen overnight.

But it will happen, if you follow Zach’s advice to the T.

Because hundreds of other agency owners have followed Zach’s advice, and gotten amazing results, as you can see from the testimonials below.

All the Secrets You Need to Grow Your Agency – Revealed

Zach doesn’t just talk about what you should do to grow your agency.

He shows you the exact sales process, including pictures and scripts, you should use to attract quality leads and land high-paying clients who will happily pay a $2,000 - $5,000 a month retainer. And that’s just to start. That retainer will quickly grow as you prove your agency’s worth.

Speaking of which, that’s one of the other valuable lessons you’ll learn. Exactly how to prove your worth to any business owner, regardless of whether you’re a Facebook ads expert.

It’s true!

With Zach’s method, you can prove to any business owner that you are as invested in their business’s success as they are. It shows you how to demonstrate that you know where the faults in their current campaign lie, and how to fix them, quickly and easily.

Will it let you blunder around and make a total fool of yourself because you don’t know what you’re doing?

Absolutely not.

Instead, you’ll understand what every client needs to do to improve their ROAS.

You’ll know the answers to the hard questions they’ll ask, because you’ll be able to see it in their data.

And you’ll have the confidence to say, “We can run this campaign for you for $X,XXX a month, and get you far better results than you’re getting right now.”

How amazing would that be?

To walk into any client meeting and know exactly what a client needs, how to execute to get them results, and have the confidence to charge what you’re worth?

You’ll get all of that in Agency Growth Hacks.


Because Zach wants you to grow your agency to 7-figures. He wants you to be able to do it with confidence and avoid all the pitfalls he encountered along the way.

Zach is giving you the fast-track to success.

All you need to do is follow the instructions and make it happen for your agency.

Heavens Opened

Get Your Digital Copy of Agency Growth Hacks Now

Zach put a ton of time, money and effort into making this book a reality.

Everything was carefully considered and reviewed to make sure you’ll get the best information available on how to grow your agency from this book.

And no, this book won’t cost you thousands of dollars to purchase.

It won’t even cost you hundreds of dollars, or even $10.

You can have this book delivered to your inbox for just $7 when you click the button below.

No strings, no gimmicks, no long sales pitches.

Just $7 and all of Zach’s years of experience, experimentation and wisdom are at your fingertips.

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