How the American Express Gold Card Compares to AdCard for Facebook Advertising.

Written by: Zach Johnson

Leveraging credit wisely is essential to the success of any small business and AdCard can help you do it.

If you’re a business that’s spending less than $10k a month that needs a lot of float you’re probably using something like the American Express Gold Card that has relatively low credit limits and requires payment every 30 days.

That’s okay if you’re a company who’s not aggressively scaling.

The AMEX Gold Card Fails to Scale

But if you are using those cards to scale your Facebook ad spend and are spending way more than $10K a month -- you end up hitting your credit limit and needing to pay off those balances three to five times a week.  

Which is a major pain in the butt.

That’s where using AdCard gives you an advantage. Instead of trying to manually time your payments, AdCard automates payments based on limits that are set by your ad spend. Because we underwrite accounts more frequently than traditional banks and look at accounts on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis, you don’t have to do pre-payments in advance of a weekend push with  AdCard .  Another plus is that we’re able to raise your overall float payment cycles and limits much faster.

Annual Fees Add Up.  Points are Pointless.

Some agencies - maybe yours -- might have 5 to 10 Amex Gold Cards.   At $250 a pop that adds up to an expense you don’t have to worry about with the no annual fee AdCard.  

You can get as many virtual debit or charge cards as you need -- each with its own individual account number -- free.  Which means if Facebook bans one account, the rest of them keep working.

As for points?  Pffft. Say you have 5 AMEX Gold Cards that earn you 4X points on the first $150K you spend.  After $750K in spend, that “benefit” goes away -- and you’re stuck with points that decrease in value and are worthless when it comes to helping you scale your business.

If you’re a serious advertiser spending $10M+ on Facebook and Google ads, points look even more pitiful.  Especially when that level of spend would qualify you for the AdCard Black Card or Diamond Program that pays you unlimited 3% cash back.  Getting dollars back makes a whole more financial sense and is so much simpler.

Here’s what The Points Guy has to say about the American Express Gold Card and how it compares to say about AdCard.

American Express® Gold Card*


FunnelDash AdCard

  • Earn 60,000 Membership Rewards® points after you spend $4,000 on eligible purchases with your new Card within the first 6 months.
  • Earn 4X Membership Rewards on restaurant purchases plus take out and delivery as well as U.S.supermarket up to $25,000 then 1X.

  • Earn 3X Membership Rewards on flights booked directly with airlines or on

Earning huge amounts of cash back to buy more ads is better than racking up hundreds of thousands of travel and dining points you’ll probably end up never using.

  • Earn up to 4% cash back on unlimited Facebook ad spend.
  • Credit Limit is Limited based on your use of the Card, your payment history, credit record, financial resources known to us and other factors.

If you're scaling aggressively, you’re paying down multiple AMEX cards multiple times a week. Compare that to AdCard. We underwrite your accounts every single day to ensure you have the highest limits and  the maximum amount of float.  That means  no pre-payments prior to weekend when you want to have the cash to step on the gas.

Credit Limit is Unlimited based on ad spend.  The more you spend the higher your limit so you can scale your business fast without depending on or affecting  your FICO score.

Qualification is based on FICO score.


Qualification is based on qualifying with a monthly ad spend of $10,000 or more -- Not based on FICO score.

Get additional physical Cards with the same account number -- each comes with a $250 Annual Fee.

If one of multiple accounts you’re paying with the AMEX Gold Card gets banned -- they ALL get banned.

AdCard gives you unlimited cards each with a unique number, name and address for each ad account, business manager, campaign to avoid a total shutdown if one account gets banned.

Get an unlimited number of virtual debit and charge cards with No Annual Fee or additional costs.

15.99% to 22.99% based on your creditworthiness and other factors as determined at the time of account opening.

This APR will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate.

AdCard is automatically paid off  as you go so APR is Irrelevant.


$250 Annual Fee for each card

If you’ve got multiple AMEX cards it really adds up.

NO Annual Fee

Personal Guarantee Required

With AdCard, you’re not risking your house or credit score.

NO Personal Guarantee Required

Ready to get started?

Here’s a step-by-step strategy that uses a combination of the American Express Gold Card  and the AdCard that will help you make some  successful payments and then allow you to ramp up.

1- Run up your AMEX Gold Card Monday to Thursday.

2-  On Thursday when your ads start crushing it, switch over to AdCard.

3- You’ll now be on auto pay daily and have the absolute highest limit on ad spend and have a three day float.

4-  Which means you don’t have to prepay the AMEX on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and have to deal with negative float over the weekend.

Just do this for the first month to build a history with AdCard.  Your goal over the next year would be to just wean off of the personal guarantees and put you into the position to scale.  

This is where AdCard’s auto-pay daily and streamlining payments make it way better than the AMEX Gold Card when you're maximizing your limit rather than when you're in maintenance mode or you're descaling, and trying to maximize your float. 

Apply for AdCard Now.

And get the Highest Cash Back and

 Credit Limits for Facebook Ad Spend.

  • Unlimited Ad Copy & Creative 
  • Unlimited Ad Audits and Benchmark Reports with AdAdvisor 
  • Advanced Spend, Budget, and Pacing Controls 
  • Up to 7.5% Cashback on Ad Spend 

And you’ve got a funding option that you definitely need to consider if you’re spending $10k a month on ads or more

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