How To Become a Co-Brand Credit Card Partner with FunnelDash

Written by: Zach Johnson

Whether it’s a Costco Anywhere Visa® Card by Citi, an Amazon Prime Signature Rewards Visa Card, or a Visa Star Trek Credit Card (yes there is such a thing), chances are you have a co-branded credit card in your wallet.

The concept of a co-branded card is pretty simple.  It’s a credit card that’s sponsored by two parties. Typically one of them is a financial institution or credit card issuer like Visa, Mastercard or Chase.  The other can be just about anything, a store, an organization, or even just a run-of-the-mill business.

Co-branded Card Holders Get Discounts, Rewards, and Cashback.

With co-branded store credit cards, card holders might pay an annual fee and in return discounts on merchandise, rewards points, or cash back when they buy from the sponsoring business.  But unlike something like a Macy’s credit card that you can only use when you buy things from their store, you can use co-branded cards at any retailer that takes cards from the bank or card network.

The FunnelDash AdCard by MasterCard is a co-branded card that gives cardholders -- primarily agencies who spend $10K a month or more on Facebook or Google ads -- a pretty impressive array of benefits, including:

  • Earn up to 7.5% cash back on your ad spend
  • 60 days of interest free financing
  • Unlimited "virtual" cards to manage privacy and budgets across all of your accounts
  • Free ad performance audits with your exclusive Ad Advisor
  • $175K in exclusive offers from our AdCard partners like Stripe, Amazon, ZenDesk, and many more.

Pretty rich rewards that can pay off  big time if you’re dropping major coin -- $50K, $100K, $500k, $1M or more -- on ads.  But you don’t have to stop there.

FunnelDash Co-Brand Credit Card Partners Can Cash in Even Bigger.

How big?  Let me tell you about a conversation I recently had with Depesh Mandelia, one the world’s most prominent Facebook marketing experts helping businesses scale-up fast through savvy marketing execution in the online world. 

Between his students and his partners, Depesh’s community easily runs $500M to $1B in ad spend.  Yes you read that right -- a BILLION dollars.  I talked about how  our FunnelDash AdCard co-branded card program would allow him to monetize that spend by issuing a card in partnership with MasterCard that they would put on file with Facebook or Google.  But that’s just the beginning of the opportunities.  Others include:

  • Charging an Initiation or Annual Fee -- Cards like the AMEX Platinum charge about $550 a year.  The annual card holder fee on an AMEX Black Card is $5,000 a year.  The fee they’d charge would depend on whether they wanted to go  after the top end of the market or be more competitive in the middle of the market.  I recommended a fee of about $500.
  • Monetizing Affiliates -- An AdCard co-brand partner like ClickBank that might have thousands of affiliates that spend money on advertising, promoting ClickBank offers.  Or an online influencer like Robbie Blanchard who runs a program called Commission Hero that teaches people how to become affiliates by running paid advertising campaigns, can have his students run their ad spend through his card.
  • Monetize  a percentage of ad spend --  This is a look at what it would be like if 50,000 card holders each put $50K in ad spend on their Depeche card which adds up to $50M.  For every $50M in ad spend by his cardholders, he’d make $500,000 just for having his card on file with Facebook or Google.

A  successful AdCard co-brand credit card partnership has to be 

a win-win for you -- and your cardholders.

Of course, in order to get all that ad spend, people have to want to get and use the card.  So why would somebody want a Depesh card versus the other cards out there?  The answer is relevancy.

For instance the AMEX Black Card is this status symbol for a lot of marketers and entrepreneurs. They spend a half million dollars on cards and all you really get is a Tom Ford wallet, a Saks Fifth Avenue credit, and an Equinox gym membership, and then, your membership at the airport.

Somebody like Depesh could bring way more relevant benefits that will actually help them get better performance and get a better return on their investment in the advertising than an AMEX Black Card by offering rewards like giving away a course, Mastermind, or exclusive access to a Slack community. Other possibilities would be to give away creative or ad audits.

With the right financial and rewards structure becoming a FunnelDash co-brand partner can be a big win-win for you and your card holders.

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