How to (easily) make 6 to 7 figures funding your e-Commerce clients’ ad spend.

Written by: Zach Johnson

A lot of things have changed in the world of online advertising in the past 3 months.

Check that…

EVERYTHING has changed since the COVID-19 crisis hit.

If you’re an agency who’s lost half their book of business in the last month and is sick and tired of clients cancelling and not paying you what you’re worth, this is not a news flash.

Lockdown orders have closed businesses for the past month or so, and even now with orders being lifted, restaurants, service businesses, and professional offices are hesitant to open their doors soo….

Brick and mortar small businesses are just not not advertising.

And since regulations are severely limiting the number of allowable in store customers, they probably won’t be spending ANY money on advertising in the foreseeable future

But e-Commerce business is booming...

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been talking about the one bright spot in this crisis -- the explosive growth of the e-Commerce sector.

The fact that people are unable to shop in person and are stuck  in their homes where they spend endless hours surfing -- and shopping -- the internet has spiked some product categories (like disposable gloves, weight training, toilet paper and hair coloring) into triple digit growth.

If you’re an agency who’s perfected the art of optimizing Facebook ad buys and love doing it, pivoting to buying ads for booming e-Commerce companies could be a very lucrative move.

Unfortunately even if you’ve got a client with a hot product, making big money running ads is harder than ever.

Even though advertising on Facebook is cheaper as it’s ever been from an impressions stand point, many are reporting that actual purchases from FB ads are down. IE is actually more expensive since consumer spending is down.

Also unlike other ad platforms, there isn’t as much ad inventory to sell on Facebook and its user base continues to struggle with growth.  When things do return to normal, it will be right back to where we were (highly competitive and expensive) if not worse.

Plus, as you are well aware,  the ad manager field is hyper competitive and highly commodified.  There are literally hundreds of thousands of really talented people out there hustling for the same business you are.  Things change so fast, it’s hard to maintain the status of an ad managing expert.

One day you’re running tons of ads that are ROI-ing like crazy and they love you.  The next day their buddy talks up his hotshot ad manager -- or they find somebody who will do it cheaper -- and you’re history.

Okay, now that I’ve gotten you all down and discouraged let me tell you about another -- easier and WAY more profitable -- way for your agency to survive in the new e-Commerce-centric  online marketplace.

Make 6 to 7 figures annually as a FunnelDash Ad Funding Advisor.

As you can see, the recent boom in e-Commerce is a double-edged sword.  On one hand, a lot of companies who never advertised before are diving in and spending a ton of money on Facebook advertising.   

On the other, it can be tough to break in -- and stay in - as a e-Commerce company’s ad manager.  And quite frankly, at this point in your career, you might be sick and tired of fooling around with running ads and are looking for a new business opportunity.

So what else can you do to make a (very nice) living in the online advertising space?

Stop managing Facebook Ads for e-Commerce businesses and start funding them.

You see at FunnelDash, we do something that makes us -- and can make you -- a lot more money with very little effort.

And that’s funding ad spend through our FunnelDash suite of financial products created BY advertisers FOR advertisers. .

The fact is in addition to throwing businesses into a tailspin in terms of product/service demand and delivery, the COVID-19 has just about turned off cash flow for companies and agencies alike.

As for help from SBA loans?

 The SBA program was pretty much a bust.  

Only about a quarter of actual small businesses received  the aid, partly  because larger corporations and their trade associations leveraged their considerable lobbying resources to push for provisions in the Covid-19 relief legislation that would allow even global chains to access the “small business” money.

No Cash Flow = No Money to Buy Facebook Ads

So even if a company is selling a super-hot COVID-19 crisis e-Commerce commodities like disposable gloves but they don’t have the liquid cash to buy ads, they are sitting there watching a once-in-a-life time sales opportunity slip through their hands.

That’s where you as a FunnelDash Ad Funding Advisor (AFA) can come to the rescue and make $5,000 to $125,000 a month helping small to medium sized online companies take advantage of this hot market.

By hooking up clients with FunnelDash AdPay funding that gives them a payment plan for each month’s ad spend so they can spread each month’s ad spend bill out over 3 to 6 months. (That means a $10k ad spend can be financed for $97 a day over 6 months.)

--  you can help them free up a ton of liquidity and instantly ramp up their advertising efforts

And make a significant amount of money just for facilitating the funding deals.

Getting even a  little slice of the pie can add up to some very tasty profits.

As you can see by the chart below, you don’t even have to be very good at this and you can still make as much (or more) money as you’re currently making as an agency running Facebook ads.

This is the commission you can earn on an advertiser spending $30k a month on ads.

I kid you not.  Depending on the amount and term of the loan…

You can make up to $9,000 month closing just 4 deals.   If you’re a rockstar, you could make up to $72,000 a month by closing 8 deals.  But why stop there?

There is literally no upper limit on what you can earn --with surprisingly little effort  or investment.

This added revenue opportunity becomes even more attractive when you can take advantage of it with no added overhead costs.  Unlike running an agency, as a FunnelDash Ad Funding Advisor….

  • You don’t need a team.

  • You don’t need fulfillment.

  • You don’t need to be a Facebook ad expert.

  • All you need are clients who want to maximize their ad spend with a 6 day  float of 0% funding that can free up tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in liquidity.

To be honest, it’s a pretty easy sell that is currently adding hundreds of thousands of dollars to the bottom line of some of the most successful media buying agencies in the business.

Interested?  (I’d be surprised if you weren’t)

So here’s the deal….

Become a Certified FunnelDash Ad Funding Adviser today and look forward to...    

  • Leveraging FunnelDash’s and our banking partners’ ad funding credibility and experience to build immediate trust.

  • Instantly showing prospective clients how much liquidity they can gain by funding their ad spend with you with our Ad Funding Advisor Cash Flow Calculator  (The look on their face when they realize the amount of money they’ll free up is priceless)  -- a $2,500 value.

  • Learning  how to prospect and start a conversation about ad funding via live, weekly coaching calls  --  priceless.

  • Earning Ad Funding Advisor Certification through our comprehensive multi-module training course -- a $10,000 value.

  • Getting unlimited access to the entire FunnelDash Agency Academy learning library -- a $2,840 value.

  • Taking advantage of the advanced Facebook ad management capabilities of a Free LIFETIME FunnelDash Agency account -- a $9,999/ year value. Using proven, done-for-you digital marketing materials and follow-up email swipe to help close even the biggest deals -- a $1,500 value.

That’s a total value of $26,839 -- in ADDITION to the 6 to 7 figures a year you can make in commissions.

Okay, so you’re wondering what it’s going to cost you to take advantage of this amazing lucrative business opportunity and become part of the FunnelDash Ad Funding Advisor team…

Considering the massive financial upside upside, you probably wouldn’t be surprised if I told you you’d have to invest $5,000, $10,000, $15,000 or more to get in on this…

And even at that price, you’d be smart to jump on it because you’d probably make that back -- and more -- in commissions within the first few months as a FunnelDash Ad Funding Advisor.

But I’m not going to ask you to invest anywhere near that much. 


It’s simple.  Because (full disclosure) while the potential earnings are extremely high for you, a successful Ad Funding Advisor can make exponentially more for us because it allows us to establish an ongoing financial relationship with high-dollar media buying clients. 

Frankly,  it’s worth it to us to practically give the opportunity and program support away to motivated agency owners like you.

So what qualifies as “giving it away”?  How about….


Yep. Just give us a grand and you’re in.  That’s it -- if you want to pay it all up front.  If it’s easier to pay over time, we can bill your credit card just $400 a month for 3 months.

I’ll wait a minute while you pick your jaw up off the floor…. before I tell you about the bonus.

Sign up now and get a BONUS of 6 e-Commerce leads


Typically we sell our pre-qualified, warmed up e-Commerce leads in bundles of 10  for $150 each.  But because I want to give you the strongest start possible as a new FunnelDash Ad Funding Advisor, I’m throwing them in -- an additional $900 value -- as a free welcome gift.

That’s it. This  amazing COVID-19 business opportunity (possibly of a lifetime) worth a grand total of $27,739 -- BEFORE you start earning commissions -- is yours for the taking.

Because we’re limiting this opportunity to the first 10 agencies who apply today...

You better CLICK HERE NOW to grab it fast.

Make 6 to 7 Figures in Annual Commissions  

Get  $26,839 in Support and Services -- PLUS 6 FREE e-Comerce Leads.

To be a FunnelDash Ad Funding Advisor today

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