Isn’t it time you started your own capital division?

Written by: Zach Johnson

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You got into business to make money -- and LOTS of it -- right?

So, like most agency owners you’re always on the lookout for smart ways to increase your revenue stream.  Chances are you’re already doing most of them now including trying to get more leads, working to convert as many as possible, and doing whatever you can to wring as much revenue as you can out of them without driving your overhead costs through the roof.

The first two (leads and conversions) are pretty straight forward.  And FunnelDash can help  with our exclusive Capital Partner co-marketing program offer that dozens of agencies have already signed on for.  I’ll tell you about the third way in a minute.

The FunnelDash Capital Partner Program is designed to be a win-win for everybody.

Our co-marketing concept and mechanism is simple -- and potentially highly profitable.

As an introduction to the  FunnelDash Capital Partner  program you will receive the financial means and coaching support to successfully pursue the “sample pack” of 7 pre-qualified Facebook Ad leads we’ll send you this  month. Just to start.

These are not crap leads.

FunnelDash has been ramping up our lead gen efforts through a massive advertising effort promoting our AdCard, AdPay, and AdCapital financial services to elite advertisers in order to provide the cash liquidity they need to scale.

And we’ve gotten hundreds of leads in so far.

These are mostly e-Commerce companies that we’ve had preliminary conversations with and determined that they need to do Facebook advertising and have the budget to dump at least $10k a month into ad spend.

They are qualified and ready to sign up with an agency to run their ads for $3k to $5k a month.

If you sign up as a prospective  FunnelDash Capital Partner, that agency could be yours.

Like I said, this program is designed to be a win-win for both of us.

Here’s what’s in it for you…

As a prospective FunnelDash Partner you’ll get a no-risk, no-further-obligation “sample pack” of your first 7 prequalified leads at a cost of just  $1,000 -- about what you’d spend on ads to get them yourself.

You’ll pay nothing now -- or for the next 30 days of 0% financing float.  After that, we’ll finance the cost for just $335 a month.  (Think of it as the equivalent of financing a really successful lead gen Facebook ad campaign).

And because we want to make sure you succeed, warm leads aren’t the only thing you’ll get as part of this co-marketing introductory offer.

When you sign up with us as a prospective FunnelDash Capital Partner today, we’ll onboard you with a Dedicated 1:1 Agency Growth Onboarding Call as well as our Ad Funding Advisor Certification and Audit Consultation courses that will give you a blueprint on how to start conversations, sell your services, and close the deal.

This is training that people typically pay $2,000 for, but we’re bonusing it to you free of charge

And that’s not all.

As part of our co-marketing program we’re also providing prospective Capital Partners with an offer that is almost guaranteed to help you close your first deal. 

And that’s the chance to offer your client up to $10k in FREE ad spend when they sign up to finance their ongoing monthly ad purchases of $10k or more through FunnelDash AdPay.  

In addition to the free ad spend they’ll also get to take advantage of  the incredible cash flow boosting  benefits of floating their ad spends over 3 to 6 months with this FunnelDash financing option..

​To make the deal even sweeter...

If, after completing the courses and following up on the leads we send you within 30 minutes of receiving them, you’re unable to close any of them…

We’ll send you another 7 leads-- a $1,000 value at no cost to you.  

But if you DO close them and want more, let us know and we’ll be happy to send 7 more month after month and finance them in the same way.

 And that’s just the beginning of the opportunity….because today

​We’re also inviting you to join our Capital Partner Program

​This is the third way to increase your revenue stream I was talking about earlier.  And I think you’ll be interested in it because it is one that will help you immediately

Ease Client Cash Flow and Increase Revenue by Creating your own Capital Division

Powered by FunnelDash AdPay, this bolt-on, white-label funding capability will solve the problem that keeps every client from spending as much as they want (and should) on Facebook ads--  and feeling comfortable about paying you the premium fees you deserve.

Your agency’s new “Capital Division” will feature your brand identity and provide your clients with:

  • 60-day float on $10,000 a month or more ad spend
  • An extra 3-6 months for them to make their money back
  • The ability to grow faster without the need for expensive business loans, cash advances or lines of credit

I know you’re probably saying “Wait, whoa, that sounds like a lot of work, expertise that I don’t have, and overhead costs that would rocket into the stratosphere.”

And I’m here to answer your objections by saying  “No way, no, and nope.

​We do all the work.

As as FunnelDash Capital Partner, there’s no need to train your staff or a back-office to handle underwriting, origination, servicing, collections or reporting and compliance.

Plus you’ll be assigned your own dedicated Ad Funding Advisor who will work with each of your clients to get them the capital they need to scale.

​You reap all the rewards.

Best of all, as great as the benefits are for your clients, they are even better for you.  When you offer this powerful ad spend funding option through your own Capital Division, you’ll find that you will...

  • DOUBLE your client value
  • Increase client retention 
  • Position yourself as a premium agency
  • Attract and convert high value leads 
  • Generate $2k to $10k a month from our revenue share program

Hundreds of agencies and online platforms -- big and small -- have partnered with us as  a FunnelDash Capital Partner.  And so can you.

The mechanics and technical integration are insanely simple, and we can walk you through them if you choose to become a FunnelDash Capital Partner.

​​As a prospective FunnelDash Capital Partner ​Today.

Say yes today and  get a no-risk, no-further-obligation “sample pack” of        your first 7 pre-qualified leads at a cost of just  $1,000 -- about what you’d spend on ads to get them yourself.

  • Pay nothing now or for the next 30 days thanks to 0% financing float.  After that, pay 3 installments of just $335 each. 
  • Get over $2,000 worth of training FREE  -- including a Dedicated 1:1        Agency Growth Onboarding Call , our Ad Funding Advisor Certification and Audit Consultation courses that will give you a blueprint for success.
  • Start receiving your pre-qualified Facebook ad leads -- Once you’ve  completed the training, we’ll begin sending you your 7 leads that you’ll need to follow up on within 30 minutes or so of receiving them.
  • Get an additional 7 leads FREE if you don’t convert any of your first 7       leads into paying clients providing you’ve completed the training and have   followed up on all leads within 30 minutes.
  • If you want to keep a good thing going you can continue to purchase 7 leads a month on the same favorable  financing terms.

​Then take the next step to greater revenues...

  • ​Create your own capital division as a FunnelDash Capital Partner and start reaping the revenue increasing rewards of offering funding to cover your clients’ ad spend -- and your fees.

​Upping your game by co-marketing with FunnelDash as Capital Partner today.

I ​look forward to receiving training and your first 7 leads

Let’s do this

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