How to Make 6 Figures with the Coolest Job in the World

How to Make 6 Figures with the Coolest Job in the World

Written by: Zach Johnson

That’s the dream, right?

Make a 6-figure salary, running your own business managing Facebook ads for other people.

Work from anywhere in the world… Have as much time as you want with your family… Buy a multi-million dollar mansion in an exclusive area of town… Own a ridiculously expensive sports car…

How to Make 6 Figures with the Coolest Job in the World

You’ve heard all of this before.

And it’s true. Facebook ads are the top method of getting your message out there in the digital space. In fact 80% of ad spend from companies is going into Facebook ads.

It’s a huge market, and you want to get your piece of that pie.

Here’s the problem…

99% of Facebook Ad Courses Don’t Teach You How to Run a Facebook Ad Agency

When you purchase whatever Facebook ads product someone else is selling, with the promise of success, you’re getting the beginnings of a business. You’re not getting that dream handed to you on a silver platter.

Instead, you have to learn the process of running Facebook ads for a client.

Then, you go through weeks of frustration trying to get that first client. Only to discover that said client doesn’t appreciate what you’re doing for them, doesn’t trust your judgment and won’t pay you what you’re worth.

And this keeps happening, over and over and over. You struggle to make this dream of yours work.

You. Just. Can’t. Catch. A. Break.

Why does this happen?

Where are the high-ticket clients you were promised? Where are the 4-hour work days and the thousands of dollars flooding into your bank account?

Where are the long vacations, expensive mansions, and fancy sports cars?

Where is the dream you were promised?

That dream is still out there, but you’re not going to achieve it if you keep struggling along, doing what you’re doing now.

Because whatever that product was that you bought, didn’t give you what you need to run every aspect of your Facebook advertising agency.

I’m sure it did a fantastic job of teaching you the basics of how to run Facebook ads.

But did it teach you how to land multiple clients who respect your skills, listen to your advice and pay you what you’re worth?

Did it show you how to manage these clients’ accounts long term? Or how to profitably scale their campaigns so you’re doubling or tripling their sales? 

Did it help you use real-time data to monitor and adjust your clients’ campaigns for success?

Did it walk you through doing a monthly audit and report of your clients’ accounts so you can show them how you’ve benefitted their business and increased their ROI?


I thought not.

Let me fix that for you…

Presenting the Facebook Ad Manager Manual: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Building A 6-Figure Facebook Ads Agency


Yes, it’s true. We are selling an online Facebook ads program. And yes, we’re selling the dream. We admit it.

But, we’re doing more than just giving you the bare bones of how to run Facebook ads. We’re giving you the processes we use at our 6-figure Facebook advertising agency to land A-list clients and manage their Facebook ads in successful campaigns.

That list includes Amy Porterfield, BigCommerce, Dr. Axe and more.

Don’t worry. These processes work to run Facebook ad campaigns for any size business. And they’re processes anyone can follow. Especially if you use FunnelDash as your Facebook ads analytic software. (Yes, we’re selling that too. It’s what we do.)


This program takes you through every step of running a 6-figure Facebook ads agency, including:

  • The exact steps we take to attract potential clients, including how to build a Facebook ad campaign to promote your agency’s services.
  • How to do a Facebook ads audit that will convince any potential client that you know what you’re doing and you’re the right person to manage their campaigns.
  • How to get those potential clients to sign retainer agreements that start at $2,000 - $5,000 per month, and go up from there.
  • How to create winning Facebook ads and everything that goes into them, from images and ad copy to running creative tests so you know which ads to use when you scale your clients’ campaigns.
  • Our standard operating procedures for discovering your clients’ most profitable Facebook audiences. This includes prospecting techniques for cold audiences and remarketing techniques for warm ones.
  • How to properly bid on, set up and scale your clients’ campaigns so you can increase their ROI.
  • How to adjust campaigns when they’re not performing as well as you want them to, so you can get them running efficiently again.
  • How to track your clients’ campaigns and what send them in a weekly update.
  • How to report on your progress every month, and prove your value to your clients during every call.


But we don’t stop there.

You’ll also get:

  • A transition guide to move from being a struggling freelancer to a successful business owner.
  • Answers to the top 10 toughest questions your clients will ask, so you can prove your worth to them.
  • Advanced Facebook ad copywriting tactics you can use to make your clients’ ads more effective.

Use FunnelDash as Your Analytics Platform and You Have Everything You Need to Run a 6-Figure Facebook Ads Agency


FunnelDash is the centerpiece of this program. You’ll use it for everything, from landing those high-paying clients, to managing their accounts, to reporting your progress to them every month. 

We originally built FunnelDash to do that for our clients. We were sick and tired of spending 15-20 hours a month, per client, trying to sort through all the data we had from their campaigns and wrestle it into some semblance of useful information.

Now, we review our clients’ accounts weekly (or more, depending on the client or the campaign). We adjust their ad campaigns as needed, according to the performance data in their accounts, and send them a snapshot of their current progress.

Once a month, we use the data in their FunnelDash accounts to sit down with them and report on their campaigns, as well as discuss what we would recommend for future changes and new campaigns.

We spend a lot more time working on managing our clients’ Facebook ad campaigns and a lot less time fighting with their data. We think it’s much better this way. We’re sure you will too.

Honestly, I’ve glossed over everything this program will give you. If you want more details on the program, and on the incredible bonuses we’ve packed into this particular offer, watch the video below or click on any of the buttons in this post.

This program is the real deal. It’s more than the basics that other programs give you. You will learn every technique and standard operating procedure we use, on a regular basis, to land high-ticket clients and manage their Facebook ads campaigns.

If you go through this program and put everything we show you into practice, you will achieve that dream we talked about earlier in this post. 

You’ll have the life you want, making 6-figures, doing the coolest job in the world, helping other people grow their businesses with Facebook ads.

There’s your dream, and we’re handing it to you on a silver platter. 

To find out more about how to achieve this dream, and to learn how you can get your hands on the Facebook Ad Manager Manual, sign up for our online training.

We'll show you how to avoid the common mistakes agency owners make (all part of running a profitable agency) and we'll lay out the steps you must take to boost your agency to 7-figures.

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