The Perfect Email Follow Up Sequence to Promote Your Free Facebook Ads Audit

The Perfect Email Follow Up Sequence to Promote Your Free Facebook Ads Audit

Written by: Zach Johnson

You’ve got your Instant Audit set up and ready to send a free PDF of their top 5 best and worst Facebook ads to anyone who requests it. You’ve got a Thank You page that has a big button directing people to your Calendly or other calendar application so they can make an appointment for a free Facebook ads audit.


The Perfect Email Follow Up Sequence to Promote Your Free Facebook Ads Audit

Fantastic. You’ve got the first step in your Instant Audit Funnel ready to go.


What are you doing once a potential client has opted in?

Are you following up with this person via email?

Are you making it clear that you offer more than a little tiny peek inside their Facebook ad account?

Or are you hoping against hope they’ll click on that button on your Thank You page as you sit and stare at your email, waiting for Calendly appointments to magically appear?

If you’re doing the latter, you may or may not be having much success.

It takes several points of contact to get most potential customers to commit to anything, even when it’s free. (You’re lucky they opted into your Instant Audit to begin with.)

If you want to have genuine success with the Instant Audit Funnel, you need to follow up with everyone who has said yes to their free PDF. That means setting up an automated follow-up email sequence, so you know your potential clients are being contacted, even if you don’t have time to do it manually.

Here’s how you do it.

Step 1: Set Up Your Automation

This is a relatively easy step that you set up through your email service provider (ESP) or customer relationship management software (CRM). You’ll want an automated sequence that is triggered when an email address is added to a list you designate for keeping Instant Audit opt-in leads.

** Please note ** As of writing this post, FunnelDash does not have an integration with Zapier. You will need to manually export your potential clients’ email addresses from the list of opt-ins in the Instant Audit tab of your Growth Tools section to your ESP or CRM.

The Perfect Email Follow Up Sequence to Promote Your Free Facebook Ads Audit

Alternately, you can export them to a Google Sheet and set that up to automatically move into your ESP or CRM with a Zap. You can find instructions for this in your Zapier account. 

You’ll want an automation sequence that sends 3 or more emails, if you’re using one of the templates in your system. You’ll also want to make sure you can set a goal or trigger that stops the emails from sending, once someone has signed up for your free Facebook ads audit. 

Once you have followed the instructions in your ESP or CRM to set up your automated sequence, it’s time to move on to…

Step 2: Writing Your Emails

You’re excited about someone opting into your Instant Audit. 

How do you get that person to be excited about the idea of getting a free Facebook ads audit? 

This is where the power of email comes into full play. 

When someone gives you their email address, they’re giving you permission to enter their inbox to communicate with them. So, take advantage of this permission to follow-up with them on their interest about learning which of their Facebook ads are working and which aren’t. 

Everyone claims that email is dead. However, most people check their inboxes at least 10 times a day. And they’re more likely to open an email from you when they’ve recently opted into something you’re offering. Use this golden opportunity to get your message in front of them as soon as possible.

​​​Email 1

Your first email should thank your new lead for opting into your Instant Audit. Then you should encourage them to find out more about their Facebook ad account and how they can improve their current campaigns.

You’ll want to send this 5-30 minutes after they receive their Instant Audit. You receive an identical copy of their Instant Audit in your inbox, so you’ll always be aware of when someone has opted into your system. 

Your first email should look something like this:

Hello Barbara,

Thanks so much for requesting your Instant Audit. It should have arrived in your email by now, so you can see your top 5 best and worst performing ads.

That’s a great start, but it really doesn’t give you the full picture. The Instant Audit just skims the surface of your Facebook ads account. There’s a lot more to explore here.

Please sign up for your free Facebook ads audit right now. I’ll review your account and make recommendations to improve your current ad campaigns. It can save you a lot of money and will only take about 30 minutes.

I look forward to talking with you about ways to make your Facebook ad campaigns better.


Zach Johnson


P.S. I’m serious about this cut-off. Once 24 hours have passed, you’ll lose your chance to gain very valuable insights on your Facebook ad campaigns. Sign up now. 

The point of this email is to pique their interest. They may not have paid attention to your Thank You page, so this is your chance to grab their attention, while their memory of your Instant Audit is still fresh. 

Your new leads may or may not sign up for an audit at this point, as they’ve only just “met” you virtually and it can take some time for people to warm to the idea. That’s why you have a full sequence, not just a single email. 

FYI, all the links in the email text throughout this section are dummy links. You should include a link to your Calendly or other scheduling app where these links are listed in the emails.

Email 2

You want your potential client to sign up for a free Facebook ads audit, but you want them to do it sooner, rather than later. So, in this email, you’ll inject a little urgency to encourage them to make an appointment.

You’ll also give more information about what they’ll receive when they do sign up for their audit. Your goal here is to show the primary and deeper benefits they’ll receive when they say “yes.”

Your second email should be sent the next day, and read something like this:

Hi again Barbara,

I don’t see your name on my calendar yet.

Please take a moment to sign up for your free Facebook ads audit right now. 

I’m only offering these appointments for a little while longer and I don’t want you to miss this opportunity to discover the ways you can improve your current ad campaigns and get a better ROI.

I’ll go through your Facebook ads account and find the places you’re leaking money, leads and sales, then I’ll report back to you during our appointment. The only thing this will cost you is 30 minutes of your time, and you’ll get valuable information you can put to use right away.

But you need to sign up within the next 24 hours, or it’ll be too late. I have to put a limit on how long I offer these appointments, because my schedule fills up quickly.

Here’s the link again, just in case. Calendly link goes here

I look forward to reviewing your Facebook ads account with you soon.


Zach Johnson

This email makes it clear that this is a limited time offer, with the 24-hour deadline giving a sense of urgency. It also shows the immediate and deeper benefits of getting your Facebook ad account audited, that you’ll find out where your leaking money, leads and sales, and you can put that information to use right away.

If this doesn’t convince someone to sign up for your free Facebook ads audit, you still have another opportunity.

Email 3

This last email is your final deadline for someone to sign up, and you do want to make this deadline clear. (Granted, you won’t turn someone down if they happen to click on the link to your calendar appointment app, but urgency is always a good thing.)

Once again, you’ll use urgency and benefits to persuade your potential client to sign up for your free audit.

I also recommend using a countdown timer in your email for emphasis. They’re easy to find, just search “free email countdown timer.” I found and when I searched. You’ll be able to set up a simple countdown timer, customize it a bit and get a snippet of code to add to your email.

Your final email should be sent 8-16 hours before your deadline, and will look like this:


You have until this timer runs down to claim your free Facebook ads audit

(Insert email countdown timer.) 

After that, I have to limit this offer, or my calendar will be too full.

Sign up right now so you don’t miss your chance. 

We’ll sit down and go over your Facebook ads account together. I’ll show you several places you can quickly and easily improve your current campaigns. All you’ll need to do is give me 30 minutes of your time, and you can take away valuable information that can save you a lot of money.

Don’t miss out. Make your appointment for your free Facebook ads audit right now. Calendly link goes here

I look forward to talking with you about ways to improve your Facebook ads campaigns soon.

Zach Johnson

P.S. Once the countdown timer above has run out, you’re out of luck. Sign up right now.

And there you have it. A basic, 3-email follow-up sequence that will help you get more potential clients to sign up for your free Facebook ads audit.

It’s up to you to decide how long you want to give people to sign up, and how many emails you want to send. You can easily adapt the messages here to add another email or two to the sequence. You can even add the countdown timer to more than one email if you’d prefer.

Click on the button below to get the templates for these emails, complete with subject lines and instructions, in PDF form.

Step 3: Adding Your Emails to Your Automation Sequence

Copy and paste the text for your emails into your ESP’s system. You’ll want to check the formatting to make sure everything lines up nicely and add your agency logo to the email template, if you haven’t already. 

Send yourself a test copy of each email, so you see what it looks like in your inbox. Check it in a couple of email clients, if you have the opportunity to do so.

Once everything looks the way you want it too, test the system by adding an email address to your campaign mailing list. If everything works correctly, go ahead and turn on the sequence. Start adding email addresses from your FunnelDash Instant Audit list as they come in.

Facebook Ads Audits and the Customer Buying Cycle

It is very important to recognize that not everyone who signs up for your Instant Audit will be ready to move forward with a Facebook ad campaign right away. But you don’t want to lose these people to another agency when they are ready. You need a way to keep your agency’s name top-of-mind for these people.

Once someone has finished your follow-up sequence, set up a way to nurture these leads until they are ready. 

Ideas include: 

  • Create a long-term nurturing sequence that sends useful articles and updates on changes in Facebook policies.

  • Send a weekly or monthly newsletter with the latest campaign techniques, case studies from your agency and other useful information.

  • Send a personal email from time to time, asking if your lead is interested in discussing their future campaign needs.

Once you have this system set up, you’ll start to see a steady stream of Facebook ads audit appointments appearing on your calendar. And soon after, you’ll be getting those high-ticket retainers you need to push your digital marketing agency to the 7-figure mark.

Get the The Instant Audit Follow-Up Email Sequence Templates

Again, we’d love to give you the templates for the emails we used above so you can adapt them for your own follow-up sequence. You’ll get a PDF that includes all the text, with instructions on how to use the templates. Click on the button below to download yours now.

Do you have a follow-up sequence in place for your Instant Audit? Tell us how it’s working in the comments.


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