How to Promote Your Digital Marketing Agency with Facebook Ads

How to Promote Your Digital Marketing Agency with Facebook Ads

Written by: Zach Johnson

Many of you have asked what types of ads you should be running to your Audit Funnels. Today, we’re going to look at 5 different agency Facebook ads that are out there, in the wild.


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Regretfully, none of these ads are from FunnelDash customers (though they all should be our customers!) However, each of them is an illustration of how you can promote your digital marketing agency with a Facebook ad.

I am not going into an in-depth analysis of the full funnel for any of these ads. I’m focusing solely on the ads today. But I have included the links for each ad, so you can see what each agency did in terms of their funnel.

The idea behind this post is to give you some inspiration for how to run a Facebook ad campaign for your own agency.

So, let’s get started…

How to Promote Your Digital Marketing Agency with Facebook Ads

A Holiday Themed Ad with a Lead Magnet

Ax Digital Marketing Agency

Ax Digital marketing agency ad

This ad catches your eye because of the picture of Santa at the computer. (Or at least, that’s why it caught mine.) Then you see the headline and think, “(GASP) Could I be making one of those mistakes?”

This is a basic lead generation ad that takes you to a page where you give your name and address to get a free report (lead magnet). It’s a very standard funnel and works well for any agency.

There is no specificity as to what types of clients they’re looking for, so this ad can target a broad audience. (More on specificity later.)

The copy at the top starts by identifying a pain point that most businesses have. Advertising is no longer the simple, “Insert tab A into slot B” system it used to be.

They then acknowledge they’ve deliberately trapped you into paying attention to their ad. They even say, “if you’re reading this, our evil plan worked.” They go on to show that they want to establish a relationship by giving you something useful.

This is a great model for a lead magnet ad of any type. It’s a good idea to test long copy against short, just to see how your audience responds.

You can find the original ad here.

A Facebook Video Ad that Targets a Specific Type of Client with a Very Special Offer

Campfire Marketing

Campfire Digital marketing agency facebook ad

Jake Berger makes it immediately clear what type of clients he’s looking for and what he’s offering in this ad. (That’s the specificity I mentioned earlier.) There is no beating around the bush.

Generally speaking, this type of ad works best when you run a remarketing campaign to warm traffic. Mostly because it takes a lot to convince a business owner to trust a total stranger with bringing in the very lifeblood of their business; customers.

I honestly don’t know if Jake ran a prospecting campaign to collect initial leads and/or impressions and then targeted that audience for this ad, or not. That would be a legitimate strategy. It’s also possible that this is Jake’s very first ad, targeting dentists who advertise on Facebook.

Either way, Jake’s offer is pretty bold and very appealing (if you’re a dentist looking for new clients.) By promising to run ads at “ZERO cost to you,” he’ll probably get the 3 takers he’s looking for.

FYI, the reason we recommend using a free Facebook ads audit is so you can show your value and knowledge upfront. That way you don’t have to give your valuable time and skills away.

I like this ad because:

  • It is very specifically targeted at one audience; dentists looking for more clients.
  • The offer is crystal clear, including what you’ll get and how you may benefit from signing up for his 15-minute consultation.
  • The video (yes, that’s a video at the bottom) shows exactly how he’ll run a campaign for you. In fact, he encourages viewers to use the campaign for themselves. (I’m sure the idea is that they’ll get overwhelmed and call him to do it for them.)

Personally, I would separate this 9-minute video into sections and use the intro and some of the sales information on the Facebook ad, and use the campaign information and the offer on the landing page. But it’s still a good ad model if you’re targeting a specific niche or industry.

You can see the original ad and video here

Because Marketing is a Lot Like Dating… A Video Ad with a Sense of Humor

Disruptive Advertising

Disruptive Advertising Facebook ad

You’ve probably heard the whole dating/marketing analogy before. Lots of people use it.

Disruptive Advertising took it a step further in their 1-minute video ad. They compare choosing your digital marketing agency to online dating. They hit all the right points and the video is quite funny.

The copy for the ad continues in the online dating theme, which is very eye-catching.

This ad is very well produced. It’s up to you how “professional” you want your videos to look. This is more along the lines of a TV commercial than a standard talking head Facebook video ad.

My one complaint is that there is no “hook” to this ad. Again, it’s a very general ad, looking for clients in all industries. There is no lead magnet with this one, so I’m not as compelled to click on the “Learn More button.”

However, funny videos and playing on themes with a sense of humor is a great way to attract attention, depending on how you want to portray your agency.

You can view the original ad and video here.

BACON! And a Facebook Ad

J.D. Nevins Communications

JD Nevins Agency Facebook ad

I, like many people, am a sucker for bacon. So yes, this ad caught my eye.

Once they have your attention, J.D. Nevis Communications wastes no time hitting all the pain points that business owners feel when they run Facebook ads. They quickly give their qualifications to show they have experience successful campaigns.

They position their free strategy call with exclusivity, making it clear that they want to qualify you to be one of their clients. Playing on potential clients’ feelings like that does work, but it can turn some people off. It’s a good idea, but be careful how phrase your copy, so you don’t drive anyone away.

Finally, their claim that clients with established funnels only pay for results will definitely draw some attention, and certainly get them some strategy calls.

This type of ad is very effective and shows your agency’s skills well. And the lead magnet of the free strategy call does get potential clients to sign up.

A warning about offering free services: You can get some great clients this way. You can also get clients who are demanding and difficult to deal with.

Again, we recommend showing your value upfront with the free Facebook ads audit and qualifying your potential clients by seeing their current results and what you can do for them.

You can see the original ad here.

A Simple Facebook Ad with a Simple Message

Z Digital Agency

Z Digital marketing agency Facebook ad

The picture of the slick race car in this ad will definitely attract some attention. Z Digital Ad Agency may be using this image to show how fast your digital marketing will improve if you work with them.

This ad is simple and to the point. If you click on the “Learn More” button, you’ll get an analysis of your marketing and a 60-day plan.

The text at the top promises that 40 entrepreneurs will be looking at your business, and helping you for free. (It turns out that it’s by donation, but still.)

If you’re looking for a very basic template for your Facebook ad, this is a good one to model yours off of.

You can see the original ad here.

Some General Pointers for Creating Your Facebook Ad

All of these are great examples of creative ways to attract the attention of potential business owners.

As you create your own ad:

  • Make sure your creative conveys the message you’re trying to project. Don’t use an eye-catching image, just for the sake of grabbing attention. Make sure that image makes sense when paired with your copy and your offer.
  • Use words and images that will resonate with your potential audience.
  • If you’re making a specific offer, send your potential clients to a corresponding landing page, not to your home page.
  • You want the message and image in your Facebook ad to match whatever landing page you’re sending your potential clients to. That way they know they’ve ended up in the “right place.”
  • Test everything. Placement, time of day, ad copy and images, all of it. You’ll have an easier time scaling your campaign when you do. Track your results with the FunnelDash Creative Testing Dashboard to get clear reporting on your ad campaign.

Need to Track Your Campaign Results?

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Show Us Your Ads!

We want to see your fabulous creativity. Plus, we may feature your ad and/or funnel in an upcoming blog post.

Once you’ve got your ads up and running, post them in the FunnelDash User Community or email me your link. I’ll take a look and get back to you as quickly as possible.


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