How Rob Breedlove Used a Video Review to Land a $9,000 Facebook Ad Campaign Contract

Written by: Zach Johnson

Rob Breedlove wasn’t expecting to revitalize his Facebook ad agency when he attended Traffic & Conversion in February of 2019. His agency had been running Facebook ad campaigns for health care providers since 2017, but he was burned out.

But his brother-in-law had a spare ticket to T&C and he figured, why not? He’d go schmooze with the marketers and enjoy himself, even if he wasn’t there to network and get new clients.

Rob was on his way out the door of the convention to join his family at Disneyland when he passed by the FunnelDash booth. He overheard one of our folks talking about our new Agency Messenger Funnels.  

Overhearing this conversation changed Rob’s agency and his life.


Rob’s Back Story

In 2017, Rob and a partner started JenLin Systems, a digital marketing agency that runs Facebook ad campaigns for health care providers.

Their first clients were chiropractors. Rob set up the Facebook ad campaign and subsequent funnel for one of these clients and launched it.

A few days later, the client called to complain about the many errors they’d found in their landing pages, but asked Rob not to turn off the ads, because they were working.

Rob knew he was onto something.

Within 6 months, Rob and his partner had grown their agency to $90,000 a month, running Facebook ad campaign after Facebook ad campaign for their clients. Delivering quality leads so their clients could get more patients into their practices.

However, Rob was spending all of his waking hours fulfilling these contracts and dealing with client questions, complaints and concerns. He had no time to himself. No way to enjoy the money he was making and no energy to spend with his family.

What was the point?

Rob decided this was all too much. On top of this, he and his partner went separate ways, so he started letting clients go, one by one.

By the time he arrived at T&C and wandered by the FunnelDash booth, he was down to his last 2 clients.

Facebook ad campaign frustration

The Conversation that Changed Rob’s Life

As mentioned earlier, Rob overheard one of the FunnelDash folks at our booth talking about Agency Messenger Funnels.

Rob has a ManyChat account, so he was familiar with using Facebook Messenger to keep his clients top of mind for their patients.

However, he was curious as to how FunnelDash agency customers were using Messenger sequences to get potential clients to sign up for free Facebook ad audits and schedule their appointments right away.

He started chatting with Donovan Gentlebread, one of our developers, about how Agency Messenger Funnels work.

Donovan explained how you can run a Facebook Messenger ad, offering a free Facebook ads audit as a lead magnet. Anyone who clicks on your ad gets put into a Messenger sequence. There, they can be pre-qualified and the leads that pass can be sent on to schedule their free audit.

The beauty of this system is you can also use Agency Messenger Funnels for your clients. In Rob’s case, this means he could not only run a Facebook ad campaign to get new leads for a client, he could get those leads to schedule an appointment in that client’s own scheduling system.

No time-consuming follow-up for his client spent trying to track that new lead down and getting them to schedule, just new patients, walking in the door.

Rob was intrigued. So, he took a copy of our new book, Agency Growth Hacks with him and headed off to join his family at Disneyland, at long last.

Unfortunately for Rob, (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) when Rob got home, he got sick. He spent the next day in bed but he put his illness to good use. He read Agency Growth Hacks 10 times!

Zach’s story of building a 7-figure agency, then losing it all, then rebuilding it again, really resonated with Rob. He felt he was on the exact same downward trajectory and he wasn’t sure how he was going to manage to swing back up, or if he wanted to.

But here was the solution, right in front of him. A simple plan that would let him focus on the higher-earning clients who would pay him more. And, he could put in far less energy on each Facebook ad campaign, using FunnelDash to manage the Messenger funnels and reporting. He could also hire a team to fulfill the work.

The book laid out every step he needed to take and showed him how to avoid the mistakes Zach had made, many of which Rob had made himself.

Rob decided it was time for further investigation. So, he watched our free video training. Seeing everything that was offered in the training, he knew this was the right move for his agency. He signed up for a FunnelDash account and dug into the Academy to learn the ropes.

Agency Growth Hacks

Revelations About the Best Ways to Approach a New Client

As Rob watched the course videos in the FunnelDash Academy, he came across one with the founder of FunnelDash, Zach Johnson and Nik Koyama, a FunnelDash customer and videographer.

Zach and Nik talked about the benefits of a cold video review. This is where you go through a potential customer’s website or sales funnel and find simple tweaks they can make to increase their conversions. You record a video that shows your prospective client where these issues are and recommend changes. Then you send them the video.

By doing this, you show your value upfront and you demonstrate your marketing knowledge. In addition, you make it clear that you’re as invested in your potential client’s success as they are.

As Rob had been lying in his sick bed, a potential client called. An addiction and recovery center, run by a couple of guys Rob happened to know, wanted to talk to him about running a Facebook ad campaign. Unfortunately, Rob was unable to answer at the time.

With this newfound knowledge on how to approach a potential client, Rob decided to spring into action. He went through the addiction and recovery center’s website and did a review, as recommended by Nik and Zach.

Shortly after he sent them a short email with the video attached, he got a phone call from them. They asked, “When can we get started?”

It is important to note that Rob got this response before he did a free Facebook ads audit for this potential client. All he did was review their website, prove his value and skill by recording a video to show how this company could improve conversions on their site, and send them an email with the video attached.

Facebook Ad Campaign Video Review

The Results

Rob signed a contract with the addiction and recovery center for $3,000 a month, for 3 months to run their Facebook ad campaign. The contract renews automatically after 3 months, so this could prove to be a much more lucrative deal than the $9,000 Rob already has coming in.

In addition, if Rob can lower this company’s cost per client to $5,000 or less, they will pay him a bonus of $1,000.

You might be saying, “$5,000 per client? That seems very high.” Until you remember that this is an addiction and recovery center, where the average client spends thousands of dollars while in treatment.

Meanwhile, another client, a bariatric (weight loss surgery) center, has contacted Rob. He has signed yet another Facebook ad campaign management contract for $3,500 a month or 20% of ad spend, whichever is greater. Plus, he’ll get an additional bonus when he hits their requested KPIs.

Rob is excited about this new way of handling Facebook ad campaign management. He’s looking forward to revitalizing his agency and hiring on an ads manager to handle the backend work so he can focus on client acquisition and retention.

Rob’s goal is to be back up to 5 clients by the end of April (that’s this month) with a total of 8 when he’s got a full roster. Each of these clients will pay $3,500 or more. Rob also wants to have that ads manager onboard and running campaigns for him.

When he hits his final goal, he’ll have rebuilt his agency and be working at a pace he’s comfortable with. He’ll have a team to help him get everything done and he’ll be able to enjoy being a business owner again.

Most importantly, he’ll get to benefit from the fruits of his labor by being able to spend time with his family, participate in activities he loves and enjoy his life.

Rob and family

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