How Taylor Howe Got His First Client Within 30 Days of Becoming a FunnelDash Certified Agency Partner

How Taylor Howe Got His First Client Within 30 Days of Becoming a FunnelDash Certified Agency Partner

Written by: Zach Johnson

Taylor Howe worked for Infusionsoft for 4 years, doing Facebook ads strategy, funnel building and customer onboarding. Then he and his brother, Alex, started their own Facebook advertising agency, BoostMyFunnel.

Taylor’s prior experience at Infusionsoft gave him the ability to manage his clients’ Facebook ads accounts. But it didn’t necessarily give him the skills or confidence to get the clients he needed to run his agency.

Here’s how he changed that, with a little help from his friends here at FunnelDash.



The Problem

Taylor and his brother had just started their agency. They’re Infusionsoft Certified Partners, so they were getting referrals from Infusionsoft. They had clients, but they weren’t making a lot from those clients. 

Their initial pricing structure was to offer a 30-day test campaign for $500, plus ad spend. 

Add to this, they weren’t getting the data they really wanted from just using Facebook Ads Manager. It was hard for them to tell which ads were truly performing the best. They knew if they wanted to be able to successfully scale their clients’ ads, they’d need a better funnel analytics platform.

Enter FunnelDash

Taylor and Alex had been looking at the different analytics platforms, and FunnelDash caught their eye. Here was an elegant, easy-to-use solution to their analytics problem. Taylor had heard Zach Johnson, the Founder of FunnelDash speak on a couple of podcasts, and he’d been following us for a couple of months.

This year, at ICON in March, Taylor decided to pull the trigger. BoostMyFunnel became one of our newest FunnelDash Certified Agency Partners. Here’s what Taylor said in his video interview, right after they joined.

“We’re most excited about (using FunnelDash) to help our Infusionsoft customers with sales funnels and Facebook ads. Right now, we’re doing that, but we’re missing the piece in the middle, which is connecting the two and helping us and our clients understand which Facebook ads are leading to sales. That’s obviously a huge piece of it. We’re stoked, our clients are stoked, and we’re excited to dig in and make some good stuff happen.”

With this new designation, Taylor and Alex got some very important benefits.

First, Zach sat down with them and did some one-on-one coaching. He helped them identify their niche, which is health and wellness. He also helped them define what they’re best at, which happens to be Facebook Lead Ads.

Next, Zach recommended that they raise their retainer price from $500 to $1000 a month, and he recommended that they extend their minimum time commitment from 30 to 90 days. This doubled the amount they were making, per client, per month. Plus, it gave them a longer period of guaranteed income, per client.

Finally, Zach referred a FunnelDash client who was also an Infusionsoft user to them, thus helping them get their first new client, at a higher retainer rate, within 30 days of joining the FunnelDash Certified Agency Partner Program.

Zach knew one of our FunnelDash clients, in the health and wellness space, who was looking for an agency to help them get a campaign up and running quickly, but didn’t necessarily want the extra expense of paying for landing page software on top of Infusionsoft.

Lead Ads were the perfect solution for this client. They’re easy to launch and you can test your funnel to see if your marketing plan works properly, before investing in landing page software, etc.

Zach worked with Taylor and Alex, to help them position themselves as the right agency for this client.

“Zach teed it up well. He was really good at positioning me as the expert for what they needed, without overselling them. He didn’t promise them anything that was unrealistic. He just positioned me in a way that made sense for the client to work with me.”

I mentioned earlier that BoostMyFunnel is also an Infusionsoft Certified Partner. Taylor says  FunnelDash is a great addition to his already powerful client solution of Facebook ads and Infusionsoft.

“Facebook Ads & Infusionsoft gives you almost everything you need to run a campaign. As soon as you want to get more serious and figure out what ads are working the best and see your metrics in a nice dashboard, FunnelDash is a nice “cherry on top” to add to Facebook and Infusionsoft. This is what attracted me to FunnelDash in the first place, and why I became an Agency Partner.”

Taylor also relies on our support team, and on the FunnelDash User Community on Facebook for ideas and help. He regularly asks questions in, and contributes to, the User Community.

Along with Zach, Taylor has worked with Vin on agency development, and Matt and Jordan from the support side. He appreciates the community we’re building and the support we give.

The Results

For the BoostMyFunnel agency, they’ve started using FunnelDash to monitor and report on clients’ campaigns. They’re finding it’s much easier to look at the Audience Audit or Funnel Performance dashboards and take a screenshot to send to their clients.

The data from Facebook is easier to pull and looks cleaner. It saves them a lot of time in collecting the data and money in paying someone to make it all “look nice.” 

“At some point in a Facebook campaign, you need the data to scale so you know which ads are performing the best. FunnelDash is one of the best info out there, and one of the best price points as well, to get the data you need. We’re confident this is a solution that will work for our clients.”

As for his new client’s campaign, Taylor reports the results have been rolling in and the campaign is ROI positive… $1,345.22 spent and $3,289.85 generated.

And they’ve gotten 700 leads for their client.

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