Top 10 Blogs and Influencers to Watch if You’re Advertising on Facebook

Top 10 Blogs and Influencers to Watch if You’re Advertising on Facebook

Written by: Zach Johnson

The amount of information in the world today, on any subject, is overwhelming. There is not enough time in your life to consume it all.


Still, you must take the time to keep up with all of the changes, strategies and ideas floating around out there if you want to stay ahead of the curve in Facebook advertising. (And there are a lot of those.)

To help you narrow down your choices, and in no particular order, here are the top 10 blogs and influencers we recommend if you want to know the latest information for advertising on Facebook.

1.   Facebook Business News

facebook-flat-vector-logo.pngWhere else would you go for information on advertising on Facebook but to the source, right? Facebook Business News keeps you up to date on the latest changes from Facebook. It also shows you what other advertisers are doing, gives you insights you can use to grow your business and helps you optimize your Facebook ads (which is smart of them).

There are also posts on what the Facebook team is doing, ways to use emerging technologies to increase sales and features on businesses of all sizes and how they’re using Facebook ads.

This blog is required reading for all Facebook advertisers, especially if you want to stay ahead of the curve.

2.   Jon Loomer

Jon Loomer.jpegJon Loomer’s website header states clearly that his posts are “For Advanced Facebook Marketers.” Don’t let this scare you off. Jon household name in the Facebook ad world.

He started using Facebook for business when he was working for the NBA in 2007 (Before Facebook ads existed.)

Jon’s site is full of posts that help you get to the nitty-gritty of running Facebook ads. This includes detailed “How-To” instruction posts and situations he’s come across or tested within the   Facebook system.

He also writes about issues that entrepreneurs face, and the reason he does what he does, his family. There’s a lot to learn from Jon’s site. Add it to your regular reading list.

3.   Rick Mulready

Rick Mulready.jpeg “I’ll show you what’s working with Facebook ads and what’s not — without the fluff.” This is a direct quote from Rick Mulready’s About page. Rick has a blog and a podcast, both of which deliver on this promise.

Rick covers everything from specific instructions on how to run Facebook ads to build your business, to issues you need to consider as a business owner. (This includes a blog post and a podcast episode featuring our Founder, Zach Johnson.) 

Rick offers useful information that you can apply to your Facebook ads strategy, and your business, right away. Definitely check him out. 

4.   Nicholas Kusmich

Nick Kusmich.jpegNicholas Kusmich is the guy behind the highest campaign ROIs in the world. He specializes in working with high growth thought leaders, influencers, professional service providers, ecommerce companies and big brands.

So, this guy knows his stuff. He’s worked with people like Tony Robbins, Ryan Lévesque and Dollar Beard Club. And he shares that with you on his blog.

Several of his posts are case studies that walk you through exactly what he did to get the results he got for his client. Other posts are video interviews with other experts and ways you can use Facebook to boost your business. Nick is definitely worth following. 

5.   Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield.jpegAmy isn’t just about Facebook ads. She’s about the entire business funnel. Amy hosts the Online Marketing Made Easy podcast, where she interviews world-class experts and shows you ways to improve your business overall, as well as your Facebook ads.

You’ll see everything from the latest in Facebook and funnel techniques, to list building strategies, to how Amy hired her project manager or how she makes her marriage work with her business.

Amy doesn’t just gloss over these ideas. She gives you detailed plans and blueprints so you can implement them right away, and build your business faster. Make sure Amy is on your podcast feed. (In the interest of full disclosure, Amy is a FunnelDash customer. And her podcast really is awesome, so listen to it.)

6.   Nanigans

Nanigans.pngNanigans is an enterprise-level advertising automation software. Their blog covers a lot of optimization topics, as well as Facebook news and strategies.

Even better, they’re covering these strategies from the perspective of different industries. You’ll learn something whether you’re running and ecommerce company or a SaaS company. And they’ll tell you about the latest trends, and how those trends will affect your business.


7.   Molly Pittman of Digital Marketer

Molly Pittman.jpegSearch for the name Molly Pittman, and the first thing you’ll learn is that she is the Vice President and Traffic Manager for Digital Marketer, as well as a regular author on their blog. Next, you’ll see that she has been featured on numerous other blogs and platforms, including Social Media Examiner, Buffer and Dominate  Web Media.

Molly’s blog posts are full of solid, easy-to-follow advice and techniques on running Facebook ads. She’s certainly got the chops for it, as she runs successful campaigns for Digital Marketer on a regular basis.

She uses that information regularly in her posts, so it’s a bit like looking over her shoulder and seeing what she’s doing and how she does it. Definitely include Molly’s posts on the Digital Marketer blog, and interviews elsewhere, on your reading list.


Smartly.pngSmartly is a SaaS platform for automation and optimization of Facebook ads. Their blog presents concise, well-written articles, with additional links for more information, on topics related to Facebook advertising and how you can use it for your business. 

Some of their posts are focused more on their own product, similar to what we do here at FunnelDash. Regardless of this, they’re always interesting and informative. Add them to your weekly list. 


9.   Dominate Web Media

DWM.pngKeith Krance and Ralph Burns are the joint force behind Dominate Web Media. They run a full-service Facebook ads agency, that runs campaigns for the likes of James Schramko and Seth Greene. They also run a podcast that’s worth following for the wealth of knowledge they share.

They do a lot of interviews with known industry marketers, who happily share their latest tips and techniques. They also show you their own techniques and strategies for running Facebook ad campaigns. (BTW, Molly Pittman is also on this podcast, so you’re getting extra value when you listen.)

10.  Joey Alter

Joey.jpegI would be remiss if I didn’t mention our own Director of Advertising, Joey Alter. If you follow the FunnelDash blog, you know the value Joey brings to our posts when he shares his many years of experience running Facebook ads for clients across multiple industries.

Joey has seen and done it all. He also pays close attention to the latest updates Facebook makes, and he has his fingertip on the pulse of the Facebook ads industry. He shares all of this, and how FunnelDash can help you analyze your data faster, to get a better ROI, with readers every week on our blog.

Follow Joey every chance you get.

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