How Our White Label Agency Team Got Live Event Leads for $27 on a $300 Budget

Written by: Zach Johnson

Live event leads for $27 when the ticket cost was $500? And from a client who had never run Facebook ads before? That’s insane!

Insane, but true.

Our white label agency team ran this campaign for one of our FunnelDash agency customers and got phenomenal results.

Here’s how they pulled it off.



​A Small-Budget Client Brand New to Facebook Ads

First, we should make it clear that this client had a small budget and had never run Facebook ads before. They did have a strong following, so their audience knows who they are.

That does not change the fact that they started with a brand-new Facebook page and ad account. They had no past history of ad performance to go on.

Our white label agency team was undaunted.

They got to work and set up this client’s campaign.

It involved a 6-city live event tour where the tickets were $500 a pop.

This meant our team had to come up with creative for each stop and segment the audience to make sure each campaign was unique and reaching the right people at the right time to purchase tickets for an upcoming event.

They requested everything they could possibly need, including photos, videos, copy ideas, audience demographics and more from our FunnelDash agency customer so they could build out the campaign.

This consisted of 4-6 ads per audience. Audiences were based on location, as well as the client themselves, and similar influencers. Our white label agency team tapped into lookalike audiences from these similar influencers to draw in a larger audience pool.

The other thing you should know about this client is their ad budget was limited. They had just over $1,500 to spend, so they asked our team to stay around $300 per campaign.

Our white label agency team had 45 days to take a brand new campaign and make it successful.

Fortunately, they were up to the task.

White Label Agency Campaign Ad 1

Setting Up and Running the Campaigns

Each campaign ran approximately 1 month out from the event it was promoting.

Because this was a new ad account, our white label agency team tested everything, then used that information to optimize the campaigns so they were getting their cost per order (CPO) to the lowest rate. They set a minimum and maximum bid as well, so they could get the low hanging fruit in each of these campaigns.

Next, they pushed back against the competition.

This did increase their CPO initially, but it also worked to drive down the cost as other events stopped running ads because it got expensive to do so.

For example, if they had a CPO of $40, they would set their bid at $350. The competition would drop out as they were outbid.

Meanwhile, as our white label agency team optimized the ads for this client, their ads got cheaper.

White Label Agency Campaign Ad 2

The Results from Our White Label Agency Team

Our team ran 6 ad campaigns, one for each stop on the tour, for this client for a total of 45 days, giving them 30 days before each event to promote and sell tickets via Facebook.

They ended up spending $1,551.38 on ads, which is a budget of just under $300 per campaigns. Some campaigns spent a little more, others a little less.

They got 6,660 link clicks, at a cost of $0.23 per click. That’s a CTR of 3.16%, which is awesome!

They sold 56 tickets to these events. That may not seem like a lot, until you remember that each ticket was $500. This brought in $28,000 for the client in ticket sales.

The cost per order (CPO) for each ticket sale was $27.70. Amazing results! That’s a return of a little less than 20 times the client’s investment.

The client was over the moon about the results our white label agency team got for the tour.

Check out the results for yourself on the FunnelDash Weekly Client Report for this campaign.

Weekly Client Report

Want to Work with Our White Label Agency Team?

Obviously, these people know what they’re doing. They’re getting incredible results for FunnelDash agency customers every day. If you’d like to see another case study on these folks, check out how they got 2,988 leads at $2.94 for a client in the fitness niche.

They’ve run million-dollar campaigns for large companies, as well as small budget campaigns with phenomenal results like this one. They understand how Facebook works and will use that to your client’s advantage, regardless of product, service or niche.

On your end, they make life much easier. You can have much, or as little input on the entire process as you want. However much you decide to participate, you get all the credit. This is a truly white label agency service that you can happily put your agency’s name on.

Our team will start with a Facebook ads audit (whenever possible) to get the pulse of your client’s current campaign. This lets them see your client’s best audiences and determine what changes can be made right away to make improvements. It also gives them the data they’ll need to run your client’s next campaign.

You will receive Weekly Client Reports, like the one above, which you can present to your client. Each report comes with detailed notes about the campaign’s progress and future plans, so you know exactly what’s going on and how to explain it all to your client.

If you’d prefer, one of our white label agency team members will join you for your weekly client call and give your client all the details, as well as answer any questions.

Everything they do will be in the best interests of your client and your agency. You’ll get quality results on every campaign. Results you and your clients can take to the bank.

The best part? When our white label agency team runs your ads, that leaves you free to bring in more high-paying clients for your agency.

Ready for your clients to get awesome results on their next campaign, with very little effort on your part?

Click on the button below to discover how to make our white label agency team part of your team.

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