How Our White Label Digital Marketing Agency Got High-Ticket Leads Worth $1M Each

Written by: Zach Johnson

Franchise leads can be a challenge in any situation. When those leads have to pay $1 million in entry fee and investment, getting them can be even more of a challenge!

Fortunately, our white label digital marketing agency is up to the task.



Seeking Franchise Owners All Over Canada

One of our agency customers brought in a client who sells franchises and was looking for new leads in Canada. To top it off, they were looking for leads primarily in small towns, which can be its own challenge.

To qualify, leads had to have a certain level of education, they needed to have previous franchise experience, and they needed to be able to put down the franchise fee and initial investment of $1 million, Canadian.

This is not your average Facebook user.

Our white label digital marketing agency team was undaunted and they took this project head on.

Start with a Broad Approach, Then Narrow Down Your Audiences

Our team decided to start with ads that had more of a broad appeal and targeted regions, as opposed to specific small towns.

They got some response, but not what they were looking for.

So, they decided to narrow their focus to specific towns.

This meant setting up a minimum of 25 audiences for the regions they were targeting. It also meant at least 100 custom ads using the names of specific towns they wanted to get franchise buyers in.

Their targeting included people who had expressed previous interest in franchises to make sure they got in front of the right audience.

Once they made this change, their CTR skyrocketed!

People saw the ads, said to themselves, “Hey, I live in this town. I should check this out,” and clicked on the ad.

Our white label digital marketing agency team also made the ads more personal by adding copy like, “This could be you” or “Your next business venture.” By targeting this specific audience and appealing to them directly, our team increased the chances that people would click to find out more about the opportunity.

This also differentiated them from other franchise opportunities running Facebook ads, which usually stick with the broad approach our team started with.

Making their ads more relevant to the people in the towns they were targeting meant those ads got more attention and a better click through rate.

Canada Franchise ad 1
Canada Franchise ad 2

Meanwhile, In Quebec…

The client also wanted to target all of Quebec province.

This was a separate campaign, as it was a wider reach and had different goals. French is the official language of Quebec, so our team ran ads in French and English.

The smaller towns for the rest of the country had smaller audiences, which drove up the cost of the ads.

The ads for Quebec focused on much larger audiences, which brought costs down considerably.

Because our white label digital marketing agency team was using broader audiences for the Quebec campaign, they only ran 20 ads, compared to the 100 they ran for the rest of the country.

They did target certain locations within Quebec where they wanted to open franchises and specified that in their ads, but they didn’t drill down to such narrow audiences for this campaign.

Qualifying the Potential New Franchise Owners.

Let’s face it, owning a franchise is not for everyone.

It takes hard work, dedication, and a willingness to invest a lot up front.

Our team added a questionnaire to the funnel of both campaigns, to ensure their client got the cream of the crop for leads.

Questions included:

  • What do you have in liquid assets that you could invest in a franchise?
  • What is your level of education?
  • Do you have previous franchise experience?

Asking these questions pushed those who gave the right answers to the head of the queue for the client’s sales team to contact.

Being upfront about the qualifications needed for this opportunity ensured the client got the most qualified leads for their franchise opportunity, which gave them a much better ROAS.

The right customers found by our white label digital marketing agency

Tracking New Leads for Follow-Up and Retargeting

It is inevitable that people will click on an ad, go partway through a funnel and drop out somewhere along the way.

These things happen, it is the curse of every marketer.

To combat this, our team added UTM parameters to every ad so they could track new leads as they came in. This also gave them the ability to cross-reference data with Google Analytics to see where new leads came from.

It also let them segment leads as they came in by location for retargeting. That way, our team could make sure the location information in the retargeting campaign matched the original ad. This helped avoid confusion and kept the retargeting campaign relevant for the audience.

Retargeting Leads Who Didn’t Convert Right Away

Surprisingly, not every lead jumped on the opportunity to invest $1 million dollars into a franchise straight off the bat.

But obviously, these people were interested. Otherwise they wouldn’t have clicked on the ad they saw in the first place.

Our white label digital marketing agency team set up a series of retargeting ads that would go to each lead at 4, 10, 21, and 30 days. This kept the franchise opportunity top of mind and relevant to those who had expressed interest originally.

The first ad at 4 days told the story of one of the current franchise owners.

The second at 10 days  was a testimonial.

And so on…

The ads followed the customer journey to guide new leads to reengage and respond to the client’s sales team attempts to follow up directly.

The Results

Both campaigns were active for 12 months at the time this case study was originally recorded for our FunnelDash Case Study Vault and were still going.

(By the way, if you have our white label digital marketing agency run your clients’ campaigns, you can use these case studies as proof when you’re talking with potential clients about how to improve their results and grow their businesses with Facebook ads.)

During that 12 months, our team spent $50,000+ on the small town campaign and $30.000+ on the Quebec campaign. The average Cost Per Lead or Cost Per Thank You Franchise (as stated in the campaign image below) was between $75 and $80 for the Canada-wide, smaller town campaign. The Quebec only campaign ranged from $150 - $200 CPL.

Yes, that may seem high, but remember the investment for these franchises is $1 million. Even at $200, that’s a drop in the bucket.

The image below shows a portion of the results from the entire 12 months of both campaigns. You can see the Canada-wide, smaller town campaign garnered 286 leads with a CTR of 1.71%. The Quebec only campaign brought in 17 leads with a CTR of 1.5%.

For the entire 12-month period of both campaigns, the team brought in 1,054 leads at an average of $68 per lead.

Between our white label digital marketing agency team and the client’s sales team, 5 new leads became franchise owners. That’s $5 million in fees and investment for the client’s franchise business. A fantastic ROAS and amazing results!

White Label Digital Marketing AgencyFranchise Leads Dashboard

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