Introducing-Your-New-Secret-to-Success - White-Label-Facebook-Ad-Management-Services

Introducing Your New Secret to Success – FunnelDash White-Label Facebook Ad Management Services

Written by: Zach Johnson

What do most agency owners consider to be the hardest part of running their agencies?

Fulfilling client campaigns.

This is true whether you’re brand new to the business or you’ve been doing this since Facebook ads were new.

The fact is, if you actually spend all of your time building the campaigns for your clients, you will never have time to get any new clients.

That means once a client decides they’re done with their current campaign and they don’t want to continue to run ads through you, you’re scrambling for a new client to fill their spot.

Which can take 2-3 months to find.

And when you only have one or two clients, because you’re spending all your time on client work, that can destroy your agency!

Fortunately for you, we’ve come up with a way to solve this problem.


Introducing-Your-New-Secret-to-Success - White-Label-Facebook-Ad-Management-Services

Introducing FunnelDash White-Label Facebook Ad Management Services.

What does “White-Label” mean for you?

It means that our highly qualified, experienced team will take every aspect of running a campaign off your hands and do it for you. All while making you look spectacular to your clients.

Yes, we do mean everything.

Here is what you will get with FunnelDash White-Label Ad Management Services…

The Best White-Label Sales and Support Available Anywhere

Lots of white-label Facebook ad management services will create the campaign assets for you, and even upload them to a client’s Facebook ad account.

We go all out to get your agency the top clients.

You’ll get unlimited Facebook ad audits.

That means our team will take care of everything. We’ll request access to your client’s Facebook ad accounts and review those accounts to find places your client’s current campaign can be quickly and easily improved.

That includes creating a Facebook Ad Audit dashboard for each potential client who signs up for an audit.

We’ll also draft a full set of notes so you know exactly what you’re talking about and how your agency can improve their return on ad spend (ROAS) when you get on the phone with your potential client.

We work with you all the way through to the audit call, where we’ll help you present the information to your potential client so you can close the deal.

We are with you through every single step of the process, making sure that you are making the best possible impression with your new client so they’ll sign your retainer contract.

Throughout this process, we represent you and your agency. We are your “in-house” team and back you up 100 percent.

If you are a one-person operation, this part of the white-label Facebook ad management services alone is a huge asset. You have experienced professionals on your side, helping you get new clients in the door.

Client Onboarding

Once you’ve gotten that new client to sign a contract, someone needs to collect their information and get them fully onboarded into your agency.

Our team takes care of every aspect of this as well.

Our intake form details all the information you will need to collect from your new client to get them set up in FunnelDash and make sure they’re ready to run their next campaign. You can collect this information yourself or send the intake form to your client so they can enter it on their own.

Once we have this information, we ensure that everything is accurate and ready to go. Then, we move onto the next phase, building your client’s new campaign.

onboarding information

Building a Complete White-Label Facebook Ad Campaign

Many white-label Facebook ad management services will run the campaign for you, but they won’t build out the ads.

Our team takes care of everything.

We create the audiences for your client’s campaign.

We write the ad copy.

We find or create the images or video needed for the ads.

We put everything together inside Ads Manager and hit Publish when it’s all perfect and ready to launch.

On top of this, we do all the creative testing to make sure your client’s ads are optimized and getting the best results.

That includes running split tests, tracking performance, tweaking where necessary and shutting down ads that aren't performing well .

While we’re doing all of this, we’re keeping you in the loop.

Regular Monthly Reports

Our team builds out your client’s FunnelDash Weekly Dashboard and keeps track of all progress. All you have to do is send screenshots and detailed notes of what’s going on once a week.

We also help you prepare your monthly reports to your client, giving you a full written report to deliver to them on progress, next steps and potential outcomes.

We recognize how important regular communication with your client is and we want to support you in keeping this up. That way, you and your client both know their campaign is running smoothly and getting the ROAS they’re looking for.


Complete Facebook Messenger Funnel Set-Up and Support

The majority of your clients will want to run lead generation campaigns. That is what we see with our own clients, we expect it will be similar for you.

As far as we’re concerned, the most effective lead generation funnel is one of our Facebook Messenger Funnels. Once their Messenger Funnel is in place, your client will receive a Facebook verified name, email address, and phone number for each new lead.

(“Facebook verified” means the contact information someone has listed in their Facebook profile. Most people use their best email address and phone number for their Facebook profiles. Facebook requires people to use their given names. Your client will get the most accurate contact information Facebook can deliver.)

Plus, the sequence we set up will give your client the opportunity to start a live conversation with their new leads at any point in the process.

All of our Messenger sequences are designed to feel like a conversation with a human instead of with a Messenger bot. They’re also set up so an actual human can jump into the conversation at any point, to make it feel even more personal.

Once you’ve collected the leads for your client’s campaign, you can export them to a spreadsheet or set up a Zap to send them over to your client’s CRM automatically. (Yes, we can help you with that too.)

We support every step of this process and will go in and make changes as needed to make sure your client’s Messenger Funnel is fully optimized and collecting as many leads as possible.

Ecommerce Sequence Diagram

White-Label Setup and Support for Every Campaign Type Imaginable

You will always have clients who want to run a non-lead generation campaign.

For that matter, you may have a client who wants to run a lead-gen campaign and a “standard” campaign.

No problem, we can handle that.

Our campaign managers have experience in more than 20 vertical markets, multiple industries an all campaign types. They’ve also handled ad budgets of $500 a month to hundreds of thousands of dollars a month.

They can run any kind of campaign you need, including e-commerce and local businesses.

If our campaign managers can’t handle your client’s request, we’ll be really surprised.

“How Much of This Do I Have to Do Myself?”

That’s the real question, right?

How much time will you be spending on each of your clients’ accounts, creative, billing, etc.

The answer is: It’s completely up to you.

We offer 100% full, white-label Facebook ad services.

We can handle every aspect of your client’s campaign, including representing your agency during calls, on emails, etc. and speaking for you.

We can step back, just do the work and let you be the only person who talks to your client.

We can also strike a balance somewhere in between. We can manage the campaigns and write up the reports, then join you on client calls to make sure your client understands exactly what’s going on. You still lead the calls and have regular communications with them.

You can take on as much or as little management responsibility as you want.

Most other white-label services won’t give you this much freedom from client work.

Our team understands the value of your time and we’re happy to take on as much, or as little of the work as you want us to do.


“How Much Can I Charge if You’re Doing All the Work?”

As much as you want.

This is your agency, you set the price. We fulfill the work.

Most of our customers charge $2,000 - $5,000 a month, per client, for their agency’s services. That’s whether they’re using our white-label Facebook ad services or they’re handling all the client work themselves.

And yes, you can charge that much a month to any of your clients. The quality of our white-label Facebook ad services will reinforce your price point, while making your clients very happy with the results of their campaigns.

hundreds of dollars

“Where Can I Learn More About Your White-Label Facebook Ad Management Services?”

I’m so glad you asked!

Please click on the button below to learn more about what we offer as part of our white-label Facebook ad management services and how you can get started today.


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