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Written by: Zach Johnson

Ever had a request from a potential client in a new niche, without any results from that niche to prove your Facebook ads prowess?

Or perhaps you’re a new agency and you want to get started in a specific niche, but you have no proof that you can run a successful campaign for a client, regardless of their industry.

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.



Yes, It’s Worth It to Work with Our White Label Facebook Ads Team

First, we know our methods work, we’ve proven that over and over with our own agency and with the hundreds of agencies we’ve helped grow to 7-figures over the last 4 years. It’s easy to show your expertise when you set up an Agency Messenger Funnel and offer a free Facebook Ads Audit.

Next, if you work with our white label Facebook ads service, you can “borrow” their expertise to use as proof of success. We have several case studies with great results that you can show to potential clients in various niches.

You can find these case studies in the White Label Case Study Vault inside our FunnelDash Academy. You can present their results as evidence that your potential clients will get great results, because our white label Facebook ads team has gotten these results for clients of other agencies in the past.

Please don’t use these case studies to promote your agency services on your own. That is unethical, uncool and will result in bad karma.

Now that we’ve made that disclaimer, here is another example of the quality work our white label Facebook ads team does.

A Fast Turnaround for an Ecommerce Fashion Campaign

This past May, a FunnelDash customer brought a client to our white label Facebook ads team who needed a fast turnaround.

This client is based in Saudi Arabia and wanted to get Instagram ads out for their women’s fashion ecommerce site before Ramadan was over.

Our team had 10 days to create an ad campaign for a client who had never run Instagram ads before. However, this client does have a large influencer following on Instagram, which they use to get sales from their website.

Our team put a pixel on the client’s Instagram page to start collecting audience data. They let it run for about 3 days to get some good information on who was looking and who was buying.

During this time, they didn’t start the ad campaigns because they didn’t want to accidentally give the pixel “bad” traffic. Since this was a brand new ad account, they wanted to collect accurate data to be able to optimize for conversion right away.

One problem was, our team couldn’t track conversion value on the client’s website, because of their web provider. Instead, they created custom events based on the URLs of the purchase orders to determine their CPC.

Finding the Right Audience for This Ecommerce Campaign

Our white label Facebook ads team tests everything. One of the tests they did for this client was to run a traffic campaign because Saudi Arabia was a new region for them. Their traffic wasn’t the highest quality, but it did gather more information for the pixel, so when the team started the conversion campaign, activity picked up quickly.

As mentioned, this client had never run Instagram ads before. Our team did some serious testing to determine the right audiences for this client’s products.

They started with 12-15 audiences and narrowed it down to 6 and ran 4 ads to each audience.

Fortunately, they weren’t starting from scratch on the audience front. The client did have an email list, which they uploaded and used for targeting, as well as to create lookalike audiences.

They tested these audiences from 1% all the way up to 10% to make sure they got the best information possible for the conversion campaigns.

Creating the Ads in a Foreign Language

All of the ad copy was handed to our white label Facebook ads team and it was in Arabic.

This was a new situation for the team, who usually work with English speaking marketers and companies. They didn’t let this slow them down.

Instead of trusting Google Translate they opted to go with very basic calls to action like, “Free Shipping” and “Shop Now” to avoid translation confusion.

As always, our team tested everything to find the right combinations of text, images, and audiences.

Here are 3 of the ads from the campaign.

White Label Facebook Ad Campaign - Ecommerce Fashion 1
White Label Facebook Ad Campaign - Ecommerce Fashion 2
White Label Facebook Ad Campaign - Ecommerce Fashion 3

The Results

The campaign ran for 30 days.

During that time, our white label Facebook ads team spent $7,260 on ads.

The cost per customer was $32.70.

The average order value was $80.

The client got 222 orders and made $17,000, give or take. Remember our team wasn’t able to track ROAS on the client’s web provider, so we’re estimating that it was between 2.5 and 2.7%.

It is also worth noting that it is considerably cheaper to run ads in Saudi Arabia than it is in the U.S. The CPM for the US is around $14. In Saudi Arabia, it’s more like $4.

This client got a lot of exposure and conversions for the money they put in and were very happy with the end results.

You can see the results for yourself below.

Ecommerce Fashion Dashboard - White Label Facebook Ads

Want to Attract Clients and Get Results Like These for Them?

We’re making it ridiculously easy for you to do so with our Ecommerce Fashion Campaign Kit.

We’ve built a special ecommerce case study Messenger sequence template, which you can purchase as part of our Template Bundle inside FunnelDash, in the Funnels section of the app. It includes information about this campaign and a PDF download of the dashboard above.

Use this Messenger sequence template to attract and convert new leads when you use our white label Facebook ads service. Just set it up in your FunnelDash account, customize it for your agency, turn it on and let it do its magic.

Ecommerce Fashion Messenger Template

Don’t have a FunnelDash account? Sign up for a free 14-day trial, get as many clients during that time as you can, then work with our white label Facebook ads team to run their campaigns.

You’ll see new ecommerce clients coming in and you’ll be able to give them fantastic results.

Our white label Facebook ads team is happy to be behind the scenes, letting you interact with the client, or work directly with you on calls to explain the campaign results and let the client know what will happen next. It’s entirely up to you.

Either way, you get to take all the credit and make a tidy profit quickly and easily.

We’re also giving you the actual campaign dashboard PDF and a screenshot of the Messenger sequence, so you can see how it works and what you need to change, if anything, to make it fit your agency and your audience.

Finally, we’re including a Facebook ad template you can use to attract new leads. Again, adjust this to fit your agency’s needs and run a lead generation campaign to attract new ecommerce clients.

Remember, if you aren’t using our white label Facebook ads service, please substitute out a dashboard and case study information of your own for this campaign.

Click on the button below to download your free Ecommerce Fashion Campaign Kit and sign up for your free 14-day trial of FunnelDash. Once you’ve registered, click on the White Label Services button to get started with our white label Facebook ads service now. 

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