How One Agency Got 2,988 Leads at $2.94 with an E-Book Using Our White Label Services

Written by: Zach Johnson

Recently, one of our FunnelDash agency customers tapped into our white label services to run Facebook ads for one of their clients.

This client wasn’t seeing the success she wanted with Facebook ads and knew she needed a change.

Our white label services team worked with this agency customer to take this campaign and turn it around within 6 weeks, generating 2,988 leads at cost per lead (CPL) of $2.94.

Here’s how they did it.



​Before Our White Label Services Team Took Over

This particular customer is in the Fitness niche and wanted to generate leads for her 90-day fitness challenge.

Originally, she had offered the 90-day fitness challenge directly, charging $97.

While this client does have influencer status in the Fitness niche, this was too high a price barrier for Facebook. Fitness is a very competitive market. A customer has to trust a fitness practitioner’s methods before they’re willing to turn over their hard-earned cash and follow a program.

Our white label services team recommended adding an e-book. This gave them an easy way to collect leads while building trust and confidence in this client’s methods for anyone who read the e-book.

All the new e-book leads were put into a sales funnel that offered the 90-day fitness challenge.

90-day fitness challenge

How Our Team and the Agency Customer Built the Facebook Ad Campaign

This campaign involved a lot of testing.

Our white label services team tested everything.

They ran a bot campaign on both Facebook and Instagram.

They ran conversion campaigns designed to get people to opt-in for the e-book on Facebook and Instagram.

They even ran a Facebook engagement campaign. This ended up being a secret weapon that did them a lot of good. More on that later.

As mentioned, this client is an influencer in the fitness niche. She has a lot of followers on Instagram. You’d think that the Instagram ad campaigns would have done well because of this.

Not so fast.

It turns out that the Facebook ad campaigns did much better, by a wide margin. The conversion campaign on Instagram only got 1,270 clicks. The conversion campaign on Facebook got 5,260 clicks.

Same for the bot campaigns (which were both considerably smaller). The Facebook bot campaign got 861 clicks. The Instagram bot campaign got a whopping 82 clicks.

Our white label services team decided to focus exclusively on Facebook because of these results.

Testing Creative and Audiences

Our team continued to test.

They ran variations of 6 ads to 20 different audiences. You can see a couple examples here.

Ebook Ad 1 White Label Services
Ebook Ad 2 White Label Services

They targeted their audiences two ways:

  • Lookalike audiences
  • Interest-based audiences

For the interest based audiences, they excluded people who were interested in desserts, sugary snacks, drinks, etc. This still gave them a large audience, but it focused more on people who were more likely to be qualified for this opt-in.

Their audiences ranged in size from 2 million to 20 million, depending on the parameters. They found that the larger audiences delivered the best results. They optimized the Thank You page and watched the leads roll in.

Part of the reason this worked is because they didn’t restrict their audiences too much. Instead, they let Facebook do its job and show this ad to the best people, according to its algorithm.

Now, for that secret weapon I mentioned before. The other technique our white label services team used was to take the post ID from one of the ads they were running for conversion and run the same ad for engagement.

The client they were working with is an attractive, fit woman. They knew the ads would do well with her picture. But getting likes, comments, and shares on the engagement ad meant Facebook showed it to more people. Which resulted in more opt-ins when those same people saw the conversion ad.

​The Final Results

When all was said and done our white label services team and this client’s agency worked together and got fantastic results.

They spent $8,789.26 over 6 weeks on 6 different campaigns.

For that, they got 9,216 link clicks at a cost per link click of $0.95.

They got 2,988 new leads at a cost of $2.94 per lead.

Not bad for 6 weeks work.

The client was thrilled. She got a ton of leads for her 90-day fitness challenge funnel and a lot of engagement for her brand.

See the results for yourself here on the FunnelDash Weekly Client Report.

White Label Services Client Weekly Report

Why Use Our White Label Services?

Let’s face it, running client campaigns takes a lot of time. That could be your time, which you could spend converting new clients instead.

That could also be time you’re paying a campaign manager who may or may not have the skills and knowledge needed to run a top-notch Facebook ad campaign for your clients.

Our white label services team has run campaigns worth millions of dollars. They’ve doubled their clients’ topline revenue every 90 days. They’ve reduced costs per lead significantly on numerous campaigns.

These people know their stuff.

Plus, you and your agency can be as involved, or as hands off as you want to be. You can work directly with our white label ads team to run the campaigns. Or, if you’d prefer, you can hand the entire project over to them and take all the credit.

At the end of every week, you’ll receive a Weekly Client Report, like the one above, to deliver to your client.

You can go over this report with your client yourself, with a full set of notes and briefing from our team. Or, you can have someone from our white label services team on the call with you to brief your client on their campaign progress.

However you decide to incorporate them into your agency’s client work, our white label services team will deliver quality results every time. They’ll advise you and your client on the best options for a client’s campaign. They’ll be honest about what will and won’t work.

Of course, all of this will start with a Facebook ads audit, so our team can get a baseline on what your client is doing now and recommend improvements they can implement right away.

Ready to talk to our white label services team about your next client campaign?

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