Why It's Better to Use FunnelDash Instead of Ads Manager for Facebook Ad Reports

Why It’s Better to Use FunnelDash Instead of Facebook Ads Manager for Client Reporting

Written by: Zach Johnson

Trying to pull a report in Facebook Ads Manager sucks.

Sorry to be blunt, but it really does.

Seriously. Have you ever tried it?

It’s a very intimidating interface. Especially if you’re new to Facebook marketing. Heck, even if you’ve run several ad campaigns, it can be confusing.

And if you need a customized report, well… That may take you hours to figure out if you’ve never done it before.


Creating a Report in Facebook Ads Manager

It’s hard to find anything in Ads Manager to begin with. To create a report, you have to go to their “All Tools” link, which is at the bottom of the Ads Manager dropdown menu. Then you need to figure out which of the many links will get you to the reports.

Tool Menu.jpg

After that, you have to figure out how to set up your report so you can see if your campaign is reaching your goals.

FB Report.jpg

Facebook Ads Manager has pre-set columns for their report. To change anything, you use a bunch of different dropdown menus, all of which are very confusing. And it can take a while to find the window that allows you to add additional columns.

When you finally get to that window, there are so many choices. You have no idea which ones are going to get you the answers you’re looking for. It’s just overwhelming!

Column window.jpg

Getting the data that matters to you and your clients from a Facebook Ads Manager report can be a daunting task.

Seasoned pros may know how to bend these reports to their will, but even they must search through a lot of data to find the answers they want. 

That involves exporting the report, importing it into Excel or another spreadsheet program, combing through lines and lines of information, then building pivot tables to get the calculations you need to answer your questions.

This process can take 20+ hours, depending on the complexity of the campaign you’re running and how much data you have to go through.

You should not need a degree in statistics, nor should you need to sacrifice your weekends or pay an employee or freelancer to sacrifice theirs, for your monthly client Facebook ads reporting.

And you’re not alone. Most digital marketing agencies don’t have this kind of time or money, so they report how much a client is spending and maybe a couple of other important metrics, such as post engagement, leads and conversions.

Clients want more than that.

They want an easy-to-interpret snapshot of what’s going on with their campaigns, whether they’re getting a good ROI and how much they’ve made in sales.

You won’t get that from a Facebook Ads Manager report without all the extra work I just told you about.

Fortunately, there’s FunnelDash.

What is FunnelDash?

FunnelDash is a cutting-edge Facebook ads reporting tool that lets you get straight to the information you need instead of wasting hours of your precious time searching for it.

FunnelDash integrates with your Facebook Ads Manager account and pulls all the data into an easy-to-understand dashboard. Essentially, it does all that combing through data and creation of pivot tables for you.

You get customizable audit dashboards, including:

  • Weekly
  • Facebook Audience Audit

You can also create any dashboard layout you want according to your own specifications, including to track campaigns for:

  • Creative Testing
  • Prospecting
  • Remarketing
  • Video

Each is laid out to report on metrics specific to these campaigns, but they’re all fully customizable. You can change any of the metrics that are displayed to specific metrics you track in your clients’ Facebook ad accounts. You can change the breakdown of data in the tables to show by:

  • Week
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Impression device
  • Device platform (Android or iOS)
  • Time of day
  • Country
  • Campaign
  • Ad set
  • Ad

Plus, you can customize the table columns to show whatever metrics you use in your clients’ campaigns. FunnelDash pulls all the metrics you include from your clients’ Facebook Ad Manager accounts, so whatever information you want to track is available to you.

Facebook Ad Reports DemoHaving these metrics at your fingertips lets you drill down into the data to get the answers you want in minutes, instead of spending hours and hours slaving over spreadsheets to get the information that’s valuable to you and your clients.

With FunnelDash, you’ll be able to answer your question of “what do I need to tweak to make this campaign work better” in minutes instead of hours or days. And you’ll give your clients peace of mind when you show them the results they want to see in a way that’s easy for them to understand.

The FunnelDash software also includes growth tools, like our Audit Funnels and Facebook Messenger Sequences to help you get new client leads and grow your digital marketing agency.

Because we’ve streamlined the reporting and client acquisition processes for you, you’ll be able to take on more clients and make more money without having to take on more staff.

Creating a Facebook Ad Report in FunnelDash

As soon as you authenticate your client’s Facebook Ad Account with FunnelDash, you’ll see your current Facebook data laid out neatly, and in an easy-to-understand format. (If for some odd reason, you don’t see your data, change the date range to when you ran your last ad campaign.)

Weekly Dashboard.jpg

Each dashboard shows you what’s been going on in your clients’ accounts at a glance. The metrics that matter most to business owners are laid out in the table at the bottom of the dashboard. It’s easy to see the results of your clients’ campaigns and get a quick overview of what you may need to change.

The top chart tracks one specific metric over time. You can customize this chart to show whatever metric matters most to you or your clients. You can also add individual metrics cards to this section of the dashboard to see the top 3-5 metrics you want to track in your client’s Facebook ads campaigns.

Want to show you client your current progress? Take a screenshot of this dashboard and send it to them. It’s that simple.


Using FunnelDash instead of Facebook Ads Manager for your client reports saves you time and money. And it makes it easier for your clients to understand what you’re doing and see your progress with their campaigns.

Plus, because you’re showing them all the metrics behind their campaigns, instead of just revealing the few that are easy to find, they’ll trust you more and stick with your agency for a long time to come.

Ready to Leave Spreadsheets Behind and Try FunnelDash for Yourself?

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