3 Easy Tricks to Make Facebook Video Ads Better

3 Easy Tricks to Make Facebook Video Ads Better (These Actually Work)

Written by: Zach Johnson

If you aren’t using Facebook video ads you’re missing out on a ton of revenue!

Not only does your audience like to watch video ads, they are a very powerful way to generate user engagement.3-Easy-Tricks-To-Make-Facebook-Video-Ads-Better!-(These-Actually-Work) (1).gifOh, and we almost forgot to mention, they’re cheaper to use compared to general Facebook ads. We all want to save a little bit of cash on advertising where we can right? So why not do it with Facebook video ads.

In this post you’ll discover 3 awesome tricks that you should consider using when creating your next Facebook video ads.

So let’s get into it!

Trick #1: Within The First 3 seconds

If your video ads aren’t grabbing the attention of your audience within the first 3 seconds of them scrolling through their newsfeed then you’re losing money. Remember, Facebook video ads are on autoplay, so these ads will play automatically when your audience members scroll to it. The ad will also stop automatically when they pass it. But a lot of people have deactivated this option, this means the video will not play on auto, so you need a good thumbnail to grab attention.

Focus on the start of your video. Make it exciting, add some color. Get your friends or family to watch your video before you create a Facebook video ad to see if it will be attention-grabbing enough for your audience.

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You can instantly see the correlation between ad performance, cost per click and cost per conversion.


Trick #2: Use The Custom Audience Tool

Did you know: You can create custom audience based on how long someone has watched/engaged with your video Ad?

See below:

  • 3 seconds watched
  • 10 seconds watched
  • 25% watched
  • 50% watched
  • 75% watched
  • 95% watched

So for example, you can create a new custom audience for people who watched more than 25%, 50%, 75% or 95% of the videos. Then you can use these audiences for retargeting your audiences…Pretty cool huh!

FunnelDash Tip

Our Video Ads Dashboard can help you learn which demographic responds to your videos.

Example below demonstrates that the watch through rate is dramatically higher among 45-64 year olds, which may indicate the highest quality audience for your marketing efforts.


#3: Select Mobile Devices When Connected To WiFi

People want to save data and money, so they’re turning off the autoplay option for their mobile to save data on their plans.

Your video ads will still show to the audience if they want to watch it, but if they have a slow connection of they don’t have full bars on their mobile, the video will run slower and therefore create a bad experience for the viewer and they will probably stop watching your video.

Which means you’ve still paid for this “engagement” or impression even though the person didn’t see your video properly at all.  

Let’s avoid this by targeting mobile devices only when they’re connected to WiFi. You can do this by, selecting this option when you’re in the Ad Set stage of your campaign.

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You may think by selecting this option it will reduce the reach of your audience, but this isn’t the case. Try this, once you’ve selected the WiFi Only Option check the Facebook Estimates Daily Reach Tool and it will show you that there is very little (if any) change to the reach.

So, there you have it, put these 3 tricks in to play with your next Facebook Video Ads and see what difference it will make for your business. 

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What tricks do you use when you're running a Facebook video ads campaign? Tell us about it in the comments.

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