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Convert New Clients with These Facebook Ad Copy Templates

By Tanya Brody / February 28, 2018

Every Facebook ad has 3 major components:An imageA linkAd copyThis last component gives lots of business owners and Facebook advertisers the heebie-jeebies.What do you say to convince people to click on your ad?What is that “perfect” combination of words to convert a random person who sees your ad for the very first time into a […]

Use Facebook Messenger Bots and the Instant Audit Tool to Get New Client Leads

By Tanya Brody / January 30, 2018

Facebook Messenger is becoming a go-to communications tool for many businesses for everything from promotions to customer service. It’s a quick and easy way to stay in touch with your customers and attract new ones. Here at FunnelDash, we’re getting into the Facebook Messenger game ourselves. For more information, read the Product Update from FunnelDash’s Head of […]

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3 Ways To Make Your Facebook Ads Pop!

By Elena Zuban / October 3, 2017

You’ve learned all about the many technical aspects of how to craft the perfect Facebook Ad. How do you create a visually appealing ad that will grab your audience’s attention in less than a second?

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