3 Ways To Make Your Facebook Ads Pop!

3 Ways To Make Your Facebook Ads Pop!

Written by: Elena Zuban

You’ve learned all about the many technical aspects of how to craft the perfect Facebook Ad. How do you create a visually appealing ad that will grab your audience’s attention in less than a second?


Hint: It’s all about the image, copy & colors.

By adding these 3 elements into your Facebook Ads you’re bound to grab attention, clicks and more sales.

By the end of this blog you’ll have a few good ideas you can apply to your own Facebook ads.
Let’s dive into each one.

#1. Spice Up Your Images

People want to see outstanding images! A great ad image will attract more likes, shares, clicks and comments.

You can do this by using other platforms like Canva or Photoshop or Adobe Spark to craft your images.

Did you know: Facebook has a partnership with Shutterstock?

This means that when creating your Facebook ads, you have access to millions of stock images for FREE! Look for the button that says, “Free Stock Images” when you’re creating your ads.

Ensure you’re using images that are high-quality, unique and relate to your brand and your ads will be grabbing people’s attention like there’s no tomorrow!


#2: Make Your Ad Copy Sing

Your Facebook ad copy is number 2 because it is the second most important part of your ad after the main image.

Your goal here is to gain the person’s interest, make them want to know more about what you’re selling and then get them to take action by clicking on your Ad.

You’ll want to keep your copy short and very clear, but try to make it catchy to explain why people should be clicking on your ad.

Here are a few examples you might want to include in your ad copy:

  • Create urgency with FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). “This is only available until midnight tonight…” 
  • Tell them how your product or service will benefit them (What’s In It For Me?) 
  • Demonstrate a problem and show your product or service as the solution. 
  • Present social proof such as: “30,000 happy customers have already signed up!” 
  • Offer discounts and get people excited.


#3: Choose the Right Colors

It’s time to influence your customers’ emotions with color!

In a world of bold colors, you’ll need to ensure what colors are right for your ad and product, then use those colors in a way that will influence a purchase.

Below we have given you an example of all colors, what they mean and how you can use them to get more sales:

blog#7-3.jpgAs you can see there are many aspects to creating the ultimate Facebook ad and the 3 elements above are very important to ensure maximum engagement from your customers.

Get a plan together and start creating your next eye popping, persuasive Facebook ad.

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What do you do to make your Facebook ads pop? Tell us about it in the comments.

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