4 Powerful Ways To Target An Audience With Facebook Ads & Get Results Fast!

4 Powerful Ways To Target An Audience With Facebook Ads & Get Results Fast!

Written by: Elena Zuban

There is a lot of information out there talking about how to target a specific audience for your facebook ads. No doubt, you have tried a few of these ways and probably failed more than you would’ve liked to.


Not to say the information was incorrect but maybe it just didn’t suit your product or service or maybe you missed a crucial step in the process.

You may have lost a bit of money to Facebook and it makes you want to kick them, (that would be quite hard to do) but that’s okay, you are still alive and the sun still rises every morning, which means you can have another shot at Facebook Ad targeting.

So we’ve put together 4 powerful ways to target your audience when creating Facebook Ads and if you do it right, you should gain more interactions, traffic and people who will want to buy your product or service in no time!

#1: Create Ads for Mobile & Desktop Separately

Many people think that by putting your ads together into one campaign will increase Cost Per Click (CPC) and conversions, but Facebook doesn’t really work that way.

Facebook doesn’t like to play fairly and split the impressions equally between Mobile and Desktop, a lot of the time 95% of the ads will be shown only on mobile devices.

So, look at running three separate Ads:

Try this:

  • Run 1 Ad with just Mobile
  • Run 1 Ad with just Desktop
  • Run 1 Ad with both Mobile & Desktop

Test all of these and see what the results are for each.

Remembering mobile and desktop platforms are slightly different so try to cater to each, for example, write less copy in the Call to action section of the mobile Ads as there is less room.

For example – FunnelDash dashboard below clearly shows a HUGE difference in the cost per conversion on different devices.


#2: Exclude Visitors That Have Already Been to Your Website

Okay, in this case you don’t want to target customers that have already visited your website because people who’ve already been to your website have most likely clicked on one of your previous ads. This means you’ve already reached them successfully, and there’s no need to reach them again as it will be a waste of your advertising dollars.

Instead, save some money for new customers! You can do this by excluding an audience, demographic and people that have already visited your website in the custom audience section.

To do this, you will need to install the Facebook pixel on your website. This pixel will build a Facebook audience from people who have already visited your website.

Then in the custom audience section, you will need exclude all visitors to your website.

It’s as easy as that, now all of your clicks will be from new customers wanting to know more about your brand, product or service. 

#3: Add “Life Events” Into Your Targeting

If you have a business or service that targets a major life event, then this feature is perfect for you.
Since we post a lot of information on timelines, Facebook gathers this info and gives you the power to use it as a targeting option.

For example wedding photographers target people that are now engaged or moving companies target people that have just bought a new home or apartment.

Facebook makes this easy to do and is a very powerful tool to add into your campaigns, so stop thinking about who has been targeting you as a customer and just do it!

#4: Expand Your Target Age Range

You want to save money on your cost per conversion (CPC) right?

Well an awesome way to do this is to expand the age range a bit. For example, if you creating a campaign for competitive athletes, don’t just pick an age like 22-28 thinking that that’s where they peak and will want to buy from you, add more years onto it, such as 18-28.

This will lower your CPC and Facebook will still most likely show your ad to the desired age range for that product or service.

#5: Use the FunnelDash Prospecting Dashboard to Measure Your Tests

Yes, we included a bonus idea for you. Because we would be remiss if we didn’t mention that you can track all of your efforts in FunnelDash’s Prospecting Dashboard.

You can use this dashboard to monitor you campaign’s progress and see when you need to make adjustments to certain ads, or just turn them off. Using FunnelDash to see the data from your Facebook ad campaigns will save you time, frustration and money.


This is a crucial information that many of us miss. Understanding the relationship between cost per click and ad conversion rate is critically important for estimating the quality of your audience. In many cases it can be beneficial to pay higher cost per click for better quality audience that yields more conversions.


Speaking of audience quality, another great indicators are click through rate, video percentage watched as well as cost per impression – assessing those metrics in combination with cost per lead – will give you the critical data you need to scale and optimize your prospecting.


Combine the best performing adsets from multiple campaigns in one easy to use dashboard with clear and concise key metrics. This can be very beneficial for client meetings – to help your clients get a bird’s eye overview on ad conversion rate, cost and volume based on the current targeting tests.

See how effective the Prospecting Dashboard is for yourself. Sign up for a free 14-day trial of FunnelDash now.

So go ahead and try these simple, yet powerful ways of targeting an audience. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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