5 Ingenious Ways To Use Facebook Lead Ads

Written by: Elena Zuban

Facebook Lead Ads is one of the hottest tools for lead generation for many businesses worldwide.


The best part about these lead generation ads is that they make it easy for the customer to use. And for customers the easier something is, the more likely they’ll engage in it.

If you have used this tool, then you know how powerful it can be if used correctly.
If you haven’t started using them yet, get to it and learn best practices for this awesome tool.

Below are 5 simple (but powerful) ways to use Facebook Lead Ads to generate high quality leads & subscribers at a very low cost.

1. Give Away Discount Codes For Your Product or Service

Lead Ads are great for giving away discount codes or coupons for your products. And best of all it’s easy to do.

Once your audience sees your ad and clicks on it, they will be prompted to enter their email address to get the coupon code. It’s that simple!

2. Get More Subscribers For Your Blog

If you write a blog or have a weekly newsletter for your website, you should consider using Facebook Lead Ads to find more subscribers.

Then you’ll have a bigger list to market to your blog or newsletter. A bigger list means more followers andcustomers which means more money in coming your way. Too easy! 

3. Give Away Free Samples 

If you have a product that you’ve just launched or you just want to get more of a buzz around a current product, use Facebook Lead Ads.

This way when people enter their email address, they get their free sample and you get their email address to market directly to them with future offers or launches of new products. Sweet deal.
Offer A Free Trial (or Demo) Of Your Service 
If you have a SaaS business or any online business where you want to offer a free trial, then give these Lead Ads a go. 

Once again, people will want your free trial but to get it they must give you their email address and then they get a free trial. 

It’s as easy as 1 2 3…


Use Your Lead Ad Audience For Remarketing

Here’s the last cool way to use these lead generation ads. When you create one or more Facebook Lead Ads as mentioned above, you now have a list of email address which you can use to remarket to these people with other normal Facebook Ads.

Basically, create a new remarketing audience within Facebook and target these people next time your create a remarketing campaign.

Boom! You’ve just killed 2 birds with 1 stone.img4-blog2.jpgNow you know these 5 ways to get more leads for your business, get out there and create some Facebook Lead Ads!

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How Do You Use Lead Ads?

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