5 Tips for Hiring a Great Freelancer for Your Marketing Agency

5 Tips for Hiring a Great Freelancer for Your Marketing Agency

Written by: Elena Zuban

As you’ve probably already experienced, hiring a freelancer for your business doesn’t always go according to plan.

You have to spend time creating the job on Upwork or other freelancing sites, then submit it and wait for applications to come flying in, then you have to go through the applications and choose which freelancer to interview and pray someone good comes out of the woodwork…  

Really, who has the time to filter through hundreds of freelancers that are all fighting to work for you?

So we have put together 5 awesome tips to help you hire your next freelancer without wasting time so you can get back to more important tasks like working on your business.


#1: Hire More Than One

So you have multiple quality freelancers that have applied for your job, but which one do you hire..? Hire 2-3 of them!

You do this because you will be able give each of them a little test to complete in a time frame of your choice. Then, go through their work and choose the best one for the job.

This works well because you’re saving time by hiring multiple freelancers in one go, otherwise you would hire one and they might not turn out to be so great then you have to go through the whole process again #timewaster.

#2: Give Them a Trial Run

This is very simple to do, you hire 1, 2 or 3 freelancers offer them a small amount of money to complete a little test. Usually they will agree to do the test and get the work completed quite quickly depending on the job of course.

By doing this, you’ll be able to gauge the quality of their work and not have to risk losing a bunch of cash if they’re not good for the job.

#3: Did They Read the Brief!?

Quite often you post a job on Upwork or another platform and you’ll get a ton of applications, but how many of them actually read your job posting?

To figure out if they read and understood what you want them to do, we suggest using a secret bunch of words at the bottom of your job description.

These words can be anything you like, For example:

So we know you’ve read the job description, please write the words “IT’S A GREAT DAY TO HIRE A FREELANCER” in your title of the job application.

For the freelancers that don’t write this in their application, toss them out!

This is a great way to see who actually wants your job and who is just “cutting & pasting” the same words into every other job application.

#4: Cheap Is Not Best

We get it, you want to save money in your agency or business by hiring a freelancer that only charges a small amount per hour.

And hey, you might find an awesome freelancer that charges a small amount per hour, if you do, good work!

But from experience we suggest not being cheap with how much you want to pay the freelancer. Sure you might save some money per hour to get a job done, but more often than not you will spend a lot of your precious time sending it back to the freelancer to be revised or worse you’ll end up doing it yourself.

Consider a freelancer that costs a bit extra if you want quality work.
Remember quality over quantity.

#5: Interview The Freelancer

Last but not least, interview them!!

So many agencies or businesses don’t take the time to interview their freelancer.
This is important as you do not want someone saying they’re someone they’re not, (happens a lot).

So, take 15mins and arrange a Skype or Zoom call with them (preferably a video call). This will allow you to see them, speak to them, check their English skills, and see if they understand your needs. If they’re will to get get on a call with you, it shows their commitment from the start, which is a big plus in our books!

Give them a shot!

These 5 tips will help not only help you hire an awesome freelancer but will also save you a ton of time and money in the long run.

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Good luck on your next hire, and feel free to let us know how it works out in the comments!

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