Get the Ad-Level Metrics that Matter from Our New Creative Testing Dashboard

Get the Ad-Level Metrics that Matter from Our New Creative Testing Dashboard

Written by: Joey Alter

We all know how important high quality and highly relevant creative is to our Facebook Advertising efforts…

But when do we test creative?

And how do we properly track our creative tests once they’ve begun?


Up until now, the process of tracking the results of your creative tests in ads manager has involved opening up multiple tabs each with an ad name filter and looking at performance that way. Alternatively, you’d use pivot tables from an ad level .csv export and using calculated fields to track the CTR, CPC, CPL, & CPA of your creative variations…


A New Way to Track Your Creative Tests

This is why I’m happy to announce the latest addition to our Template Dashboard Library, the Creative Testing Dashboard…

This new template dashboard allows you to easily track the key ad level metrics for your creative variations, and do it without spreadsheets!

To set up your Creative Testing Dashboard, you’ll want to go to the template library after logging into your FunnelDash account, and click the “Add Dashboard” button underneath the Creative Testing Dashboard.

Once you’ve added the Dashboard to your list, click over to it and you’ll get a series of three columns of cards with different ad level metrics.

You’ll need to edit the settings on each of the cards by clicking the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner, going over to “Facebook Filters” and typing in the ad name associated with that specific creative variation.

Each column of cards should only have the ad name filter related to one variation. Also, you can use our tagging feature to label each column with the name of your variation…

Creative Testing Best Practices

Once you have your ad level filters set you’re ready to start tracking your creative tests.

Here are some best practices we’ve found for running creative tests that may help you with yours:

1) Start broad and then narrow down on what’s working. For a new client who has never ran ads before, this looks like testing ad types first, copy or creative variations second, testing the opposite variable in week 3, and finding your control ad (winning copy, ad type, creative variation) in week four.

2) Make sure each creative variation gets at least 20 clicks to make sure you are running a statistically significant test. Ideally you also run your creative tests over the span of a week to avoid day of week performance variations

3) If CTR is low test images/videos.

4) If Conversion rate is low, test copy angles

5) Test your new creative to your warmest audience or audiences.

In general, you want to use cost per acquisition to judge the success of your new creative variations and look at CTR and CPL as leading indicators. It’s important to keep in mind that while that higher CTR and cheaper CPL is great in most instances, there are cases where the higher CPL and lower CTR creative will actually drive less, more qualified leads, and have a lower CPA.

Another thing to keep in mind is that while it’s important to have a control creative, it’s also useful to have multiple high performing options that you can rotate in and out to combat creative fatigue.

Now you know more about creative testing and how you’ll be able to do it inside FunnelDash.


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