Creating Your First Facebook Messenger Ad

Written by: Simeon Bateman

Facebook Messenger ads are the new way to communicate directly with your subscribers inside Messenger. It’s a more personal way to get your message across to your potential clients, or to reach out to your clients’ potential customers.

You can create a Facebook Messenger ad for your agency to get more leads by offering a free Facebook Ads Analysis Audit Consultation. If you haven't created your audit sequence inside FunnelDash yet, make sure you click over to our “Pre-Qualify Your Leads Using Facebook Messenger Funnels” post.

Now that you have a sequence that can qualify your leads, you will need to drive users into your funnel. FunnelDash provides several ways to drive traffic into your funnel, but the easiest is to create a Facebook Ad that will deliver your user directly into Facebook Messenger.

Soon you will be able to do this completely from your FunnelDash dashboard, but for now we can set this up using the Ad Manager in your Facebook Business account. There are 4 equally important parts of your campaign that will guarantee your success. Those are your objective, audience, ad, and Messenger greeting.



Selecting the Right Objective

Every campaign starts with an Objective and this campaign will be no different. Facebook campaigns have a specific objective called “Messages” for this purpose. Although there are other ways to drive leads into Messenger with Facebook ads, this is the objective we will focus on.

This objective will ensure that of the audience you select (in the next step) the Facebook algorithm will pick those most likely to engage with you via Facebook Messenger.

Facebook messenger ads messages-objective

Define Your Audience

With your objective locked down it’s time to turn to your audience. “Ad Sets” are the Ad Manager mechanism for specifying your audience, budget and delivery. Your audience will depend on your niche and your offer. Getting this right will be key to having success with your campaign.

Facebook Messenger ads ad set interests

Create Your Facebook Messenger Ad

With your audience targeting specified, it's time to build an ad. Building an ad that guides people to Messenger is not that different than one driving traffic to a page.

If you have not already done testing based on how your audience responds to different ad types you may want to do that now. While not all ad formats are available for all campaign objectives, most formats are available for Messages campaigns.

Choose a format that matches your audience’s expectations and setup the main ad. To ensure a smooth transition from the ad in Facebook into the conversation in Messenger, make sure you include text in your ad which sets expectations. “Click ‘Send Message’ below to connect with us in Messenger”.

Messenger Setup

Your ad is going to direct people into Messenger. There are three methods we can use to transition users from the Ad into Messenger. These include the Standard Template, Custom Template and Get Started screens.

When a customer connects with your business via Messenger on your page, they will see a “Get Started” experience. This is fine for people connecting directly via your page, but continuity is very important in successfully converting the people seeing your ad to leads.

We can also use the “Standard Template” to show the user a specific message with personalization and 3 suggested questions to get them started.

Facebook messenger ads messenger standard template

These options both have their uses, but we want to create the best experience for our users and create the continuity that will keep them moving through our funnel. So, we are going to make use of the “Custom Template”. This template type lets us choose between 3 types: Text Only, Text and Image or Text and Video.

Using Text and Image will allow you to use an image that matches the theme of your ad and ensure they feel like they were not misdirected.

All three message types allow you to specify a greeting with personalization.

Facebook messenger ads messenger custom template

Additionally, you may select between 3 different CTA’s for your message. These include Buttons, Quick Replies and FAQ’s. 

If you setup your Messenger funnel in FunnelDash you can even use a quick reply to specify your keyword trigger. This will allow the user to immediately start your qualification audit sequence!

Facebook messenger ads messenger quick reply

The most important thing to remember on this screen is to use a compelling statement to get a response. Even though the user is in Messenger at this point they won’t be connected to your page until they give some kind of response at this step.

Once they give a response and go through the sequence, you will see them inside your FunnelDash account under the “Contacts” button.

Use a Facebook Messenger Ad to Grow Your List

Facebook ads are a great way to drive traffic into your Messenger Funnel and build your audience.

Remember the steps are:

  1. Create a campaign with the correct objective.
  2. Define your audience with specialized targeting.
  3. Create a compelling ad that entices your user.
  4. Setup the Messenger greeting to connect the user with your funnel via keyword trigger.

With those things complete you will be on your way to more leads for your agency and happily ever after for you.

Want to Give This a Try?

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