The Real Way to Get High-Ticket Clients Without Sounding "Salesy"

The Real Way to Get High-Ticket Clients Without Sounding “Salesy”

Written by: Zach Johnson

You’re running your own digital marketing ad agency or consultancy. You’ve got skills and you want to use them to make a good living. Fantastic.

Now you just need to get clients in the door who will pay you what you’re worth

This is a problem that pretty much every agency or consultant faces at some point. You know you’re qualified to do the work you’re doing. You know you can deliver the results you’re promising.

But none of your clients seem to believe you.

As far as they’re concerned, you’re just another freelancer for hire. If they don’t like your pitch or your price, they’ll go find someone on Fiverr or Upwork who will do a crappy job for a ridiculously low price.

It’s stupid that you, a highly-qualified expert, is competing with people who don’t have your knowledge or skill set. All because your prospective clients don’t seem to understand how to put a value on the skills and services you deliver.

Now… Here’s the funny part.

You can get those prospective clients to agree to your pitch, and your price, if you remember their one important decision making factor…

Their ROI




I’m not talking about discounting your prices so that you can’t afford to pay your rent or buy groceries.

I’m talking about positioning yourself so that your prospective clients see you as the solution to increasing their ROI, as opposed to a drain on it.

The Problem: Fumbling through the Pitch

I have no idea how you pitch your services. But, if you’re like most people, you tend to make promises you can’t guarantee you can keep and you talk about strategies and techniques. You probably stumble over your own words a bit, or you come off sounding “Salesy.”

“Salesy.” Yuck!

That dreaded word in the consulting business. The one that makes your skin crawl as you have nightmares about being perceived as a used car salesman.

giphy.gifUgh. Don’t be that guy.

Unfortunately, this is a trap we all fall into. All of us. From brand-new entrepreneurs starting up their businesses to people who have been managing Facebook ad campaigns and sales funnels for years.

At some point, we all have to put our reputations on the line. And if you don’t have the data to back up your reputation, your prospective clients aren’t going to believe you can work the miracles you claim you can.

Yes, there are plenty of you out there who have been successful at getting a single client’s campaign off the ground and created a huge success for them. But how can you promise that you’ll replicate that… every… single… time?

And how can you know it will work for different clients, different audiences and different products? Yes, ultimately selling is selling. But is your process good enough to convince a prospective client that it will work for their precious business?

Unless you’re able to present specific ideas that use real data and numbers that are relevant to this particular prospective client, why should they trust you with their hard-earned cash?

To be honest, they shouldn’t. And this isn’t a reflection on your skills. I’m sure they’re awesome.

It’s a reflection on your pitch.

Your pitch needs to convince your prospective customer that you not only have the skills you claim to have, but that you can show them exactly how you’ll use those skills to grow their ROI.

There’s that phrase again. The holy grail to getting clients to pay you what you’re worth.

Here’s how you can do that:

The Solution: Give Your Prospective Clients the Answers They Want

I know this sounds obvious. And even a little deceitful, depending on how you approach it. It’s not. So long as you approach this in the right way.

When I say, “the answers they want,” I don’t mean becoming a “yes-man.” I mean showing your prospective clients how you’ll get their business to the place they want it to be. I’m talking about the exact steps here, not just rambling about techniques and strategies.

Once you can do that, you’ll have people stumbling over themselves to sign high-ticket retainers.

“Okay, I get it.” I hear you say. “But how do I do that?”

By using the numbers and data from your prospective clients’ businesses to show them where you can improve their ROI.

In short, I’m talking about an audit.

If you can audit your prospective clients’ current funnels, you can show them the changes you would make, and how those changes will bring in more leads and sales.

For example, here at FunnelDash, we’re all about helping marketers scale their Facebook ads. (It’s what we do. You knew this was going to come up eventually.)

Every person who signs up for a free 30-day FunnelDash trial account gets a free Facebook ads audit.

We sit down with our trial users and show them exactly which ad campaigns are working, and why. We show them where we found the holes in their funnels, and how to plug them, so they can double and triple their sales.

By taking the time to show our free trial users exactly how using FunnelDash will benefit them, using the data from their own accounts, we all but guarantee that we’ll convert that trial user to a paying customer.

You can use this same data-driven sales process for your prospective clients.

Instead of guessing at what might work in a prospective clients’ campaign. You can delve into their data and come up with definitive answers on the strategies you would propose. You can show them what you’ll do, how you’ll do it, and how much money you’ll make them in the process.

That’s what I mean by positioning yourself as the solution to increasing to your prospective customer’s ROI.

How Do You Do This?

With FunnelDash, of course. (You knew this was coming too.)

Your potential customers sign up for a free 30-day trial of FunnelDash. Then, they integrate their Facebook ads account and their CRM with their new FunnelDash account.

Once that’s done, and the information you need is retrieved by FunnelDash, you’ll be able to review the performance of their ads for the last 90 days. You can show them your brilliance, by pointing out how you will improve their results and increase their ROI.

No more poring over spreadsheets for hours and pulling uninterpretable data from dozens of different sources. You’ll have everything you need to do a thorough audit of your prospective clients’ Facebook ads accounts and sales funnels, right at your fingertips.

Why Does This Matter to You?

It matters because we’re looking for digital marketing agencies and consultants who want to learn this process for themselves.

We want to teach you the exact client acquisition process we used to build our agency from $0 to retainer agreements of as much as $25,000 a month.

Why would we do this?

Well, to get more people to use FunnelDash, of course. But also, because we’ve seen that our customers do much better when they work with an agency or consultant to guide them, and take action on the insights in their account.

So, it’s in everyone’s best interests for us to teach you the data-driven sales process we used to land our top clients, like Dr. Axe, Amy Porterfield and James Wedmore.

If you’re interested in learning more about this process, and how you can use it to increase your bottom line, join us for our online masterclass, How to Build a 7-Figure Marketing Agency. Click on the button below to save your seat.

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