Pre-Qualify Your Leads Using Facebook Messenger Funnels

Written by: Simeon Bateman

Every business wants more leads. The problem is most businesses are not setup to respond to more leads when they get them. Processing leads and turning them into customers can be a lot of work. If you are using a lead generation technique that is effective you may have more leads than you can deal with.

Step one of dealing with a new lead is finding out if they are even a good fit for your business. What a good fit is will vary from business to business, but simple questions include:

  • Are they in your niche?
  • Can they afford your services?

For FunnelDash agencies looking to get more audit consultations this list is a little more specific and might include:

Are they currently using Facebook Ads?

How much are they spending monthly?

Do they know what their KPI’s (Key Performance Metrics) are?

Asking these questions and working through the answers are what will allow you qualify your lead. But this takes your time even when they are not a good fit.

Luckily this part of the procedure can be automated with Facebook Messenger funnels.



Why Use Facebook Messenger Marketing

Facebook Messenger is the third largest social media platform in the US behind Facebook and Instagram. With over 1.4 Billion active users per month 4 out of 5 people in the US have Facebook messenger accounts.

With Facebook Messenger you can create meaningful connections between your business and your customers. The best part about Messenger is that when customers message your page, if you have done the correct setup, they can become subscribers.

It’s a little like building an email list except the interaction level within Messenger is amazing. But Facebook Messenger is not just about creating amazing 1-on-1 conversations, you can also use it to funnel users through a set of questions and qualify and segment them in our audience.

How Do You Qualify Facebook Ad Audit Leads

So, you’ve created an amazing ad and you are running it on Facebook. Now, the leads are streaming in. You have so many leads you can’t even call them all back. You have convinced them of your experience and given them an offer they can’t refuse!

Fantastic! Let’s use Messenger to start automating the qualification of these new leads so you only have to talk to the ones that are the best fit.

If you’re already driving traffic to a landing page you can swap out your current call to action on that page with a button that will take them into Messenger. If you have not yet created your landing page, your ad can take them directly into Facebook Messenger and start of your funnel.

Creating Your First Facebook Messenger Funnel

Your Messenger funnel’s main purpose is to create an audience that is tied to your Facebook page. After you have created your account you will need to connect your Facebook page to FunnelDash.

In FunnelDash the content or messages that a user will interact with is called a “Sequence”. To start you should create a new sequence called “FB Audit Qualification”.

Facebook messenger funnels sequences

In this sequence you will want to ask those questions that you would ask on an exploration call.

For this FB Audit qualification, I’d start by asking if they are using Facebook Ads currently. Depending on your agency’s practices that alone may disqualify these people from further discussion.

Next, if they are running Facebook Ads, you will want to find out what their monthly spend is and what their targets are. You can also ask some questions to help find out how they feel they are doing with their Facebook ads now. You can also ask about their experience and their team.

Facebook messenger funnels sequence question 1

In the end either you have disqualified them and given the user a kind message to indicate you don’t think they will be a good fit. Or you have qualified them as a good marketing lead and utilizing an online scheduling tool (Calendly, Acuity, HubSpot) you can direct them to schedule their call themselves.

Facebook messenger funnels schedule

How to use Keyword Triggers

Creating your sequence is the first step, now you need to allow your users to trigger this sequence. We do this in FunnelDash by creating a funnel.

Depending on how you want to drive traffic into your new Messenger sequence, FunnelDash allows you to build different types of funnels. You can use special links that bring someone to a specific sequence or use a popup or button on your site. Using the Facebook Messenger ads you can help your users insert a keyword that triggers your sequence.

Facebook messenger funnels create keyword funnel

To setup your keyword trigger you will use the “Create Funnel” button in the upper right corner of the Funnels section of FunnelDash. From the list of triggers select “Keyword Trigger” and click the “Customize” button to continue.

On the following screen enter the keyword as “Get My Audit” and select your “FB Audit Qualification” from the sequence drop down. From here you should be able to test your sequence by connecting to your page in Messenger and type “Get My Audit”.

With your sequence created and the keyword trigger in place you funnel is ready! In part 2 of this series, we’ll show you how to setup a Messenger ad to drive traffic into your funnel so you can effortlessly qualify your leads.

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