The Beginner's Guide to Offline Conversions

The Beginner’s Guide to Offline Conversions

Written by: Elena Zuban

Something really cool is now available for all of us thanks to Facebook’s offline events tool!


Some of you might be wondering, what on earth are offline event conversions?

Offline events is a Facebook tool that allows you to upload an offline purchase file, such as customer details and products they purchased. Facebook will then match it up to anyone that saw your client’s Facebook Ad while they were online. If one of the customers that bought your client’s product in store saw your Ad, Facebook will let you know. How cool is that?

I know you’re eager to find out how to do this so we have put together a quick and easy step by step guide below for you to get started.

Here’s How You Get Your Offline Events Results

Step 1: Go to your Facebook business Ads Manager menu, then under assets select offline events. blog6-img1.jpg

Step 2: Then click the offline event set to create a new one.

blog6-img2.jpgStep 3: Type in a name and description of your event set you want to create.

Step 4: Then select upload offline events.blog6-img3.jpgStep 5: Now, select which data source you want to put in. Such as name, phone number, email, age etc.

Step 6: IMPORTANT – make sure you have these 2: Event Name & Event Time or this will not work.


Step 7: Ok now it’s time for the Facebook Upload & Creation.

Step 8: You’re almost there! When you’ve finished the upload process you will be shown the results from your manual uploads.blog6-img5.jpgStep 9: Now go back to the Ads Manager and click offline conversions. 

Step 10: Mission Complete! It’s time to check your performance. It may take a minute or 2 and if there are any matching leads they will pop up here.blog6-img6.jpgCongratulations you now know how to set up offline events.

Play around with the Offline Events tool and see how many customers come through your clients’ doors after seeing their amazing Facebook Ads.

Use FunnelDash to Report Offline Sales to Your Clients

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Have you tried using the Offline Events tool? Tell us about your experiences in the comments. 

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