Top 3 Copywriting Strategies for Facebook Ads

Top 3 Copywriting Strategies for Facebook Ads

Written by: Elena Zuban

Is Facebook Ad Copy really that important??


The answer is, YES!

When it comes to Facebook Ads, the image is what grabs attention but having good copy is an essential part of a successful Facebook Ad. When people look at an ad image, they will want to know more, so they will read the ad copy. Now is your time to shine with your most persuasive copy writing skills.

Below we’ve listed 3 easy copywriting strategies for you to use when taking on your next bunch of Facebook Ads.

#1: Keep the Focus on One Call-to-Action

If you want to sell a product, get a new lead or increase brand awareness always ensure you’re focusing on that specific topic and one call-to-action (CTA). Otherwise customers will read your copy and be unsure as to what to do next.Blog10-img-1.jpg

Make it easy for your customer by telling them exactly what you want them to do.

For example: “Sign up here”, “Shop now”, “Learn more”, “Click here”, “Start today” etc.…

You’ll be surprised how much your sales increase with this one simple change!

#2: Use Easy to Understand Language

Do you know the acronym KISS (Keep It Simple Sweetie)?

  1. Write your ad copy in a way for the ‘average Joe’ or a 5th grader to understand.
    There is no need to pull out your best William Shakespeare here. Just make the copy as simple as possible to read.

    Also when people read your ad, they should know these 3 things:

  1. What you’re offering
  2. How does it benefit them
  3. What should they do next

    Remember KISS next time you write your Ad Copy.

#3: Make Your Ad Copy Go Hand-in-Hand with the Image

When you write your copy, you want your customer to know exactly what you’re advertising. Try not to confuse them.

There’s no point in writing your best persuasive Ad copy about yoga mats if your image is showing a bunch stray dogs…

So choose a clear, understandable image and relate your copy to it as best as you can, without going off the topic.

It’s not as hard as it sounds, just practice a bit you’ll become pretty good at it.


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What’s your favorite Facebook ad copywriting tip? Tell us about it in the comments.

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