4 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Remarketing Campaigns

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Remarketing Campaigns

Written by: Elena Zuban

By now you should have made enough mistakes to know what you’re doing when it comes to Facebook ad campaigns. Well, that’s what most marketers think anyway.


When remarketing to an audience there are still a few things that marketers do wrong that stops them from achieving a great performing remarketing campaign.

So, let’s get into these 4 big mistakes so you can identify if you’re making the same mistakes when creating your next remarketing ads.

Mistake #1 – Not Specifying Locations

Everyone lives somewhere. If you’re not targeting your Facebook ads to your customers in their locations then who are you targeting them to?

In other words, by not being specific with the locations of your customers you’re basically giving money away for nothing. It’s like getting robbed every time you walk down the street…

So, you need to figure out where your customers come from. What state, city or town and target these people, because remember they’re your customers and they want to see what products you’re selling.

Mistake #2 – Not Including Remarketing on Video Views or Post Engagements

The title says it all… Marketers are not taking into account previous video ad views or post engagements when creating their remarketing campaigns.

Customers have already viewed your video ads that means, while the customer was mindlessly scrolling through their news feed your video ad caught their attention, they stopped and watched it, they’re interested, so why not remarket them?

The same goes with post engagements, these people reacted to your posts so let’s get them in a remarketing campaign.

Who knows, you might get a sale… or 10…

Mistake #3 – Not Segmenting by Remarketing Behavior (Frequent Visitors or Date of the Visit)

People who click on your Facebook ads go to your website or landing page. This could happen once or more than once. Usually you can see the dates they have clicked on your offers or put in their email address.

So, when creating a remarketing campaign remember you can segment these potential customers into “frequent visitors” or the month they visited your site so you have a better understanding as to what ads they were interested in at the time.

Then you can create something more specific to target those people rather than throwing them in the mix with everyone else. 

Mistake #4 – Segmenting Too Many Interests into Very Small Audiences

By adding too many interests and behaviors into a small targeted audience you are making your audience too specific. There might not be enough people in that group that want to make a purchase.

Filling up the target fields with too many interests may look like it is going to do well, but in most cases, it won’t and you’ll once again be left paying your Facebook Invoice with nothing to show for it.

Remember, be smart about your campaigns. Take some time and craft your remarketing ads to target the right audience and then you’ll start to see sales coming in. 

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What Mistakes Do You Make in Your Remarketing Campaigns?

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