5 Ways FunnelDash is Different from Kissmetrics

5 Ways FunnelDash is Different from Kissmetrics

Written by: Sherice Jacob

When it comes to getting the most out of your funnels, both FunnelDash and Kissmetrics are excellent investments designed to propel your business forward by telling you precisely which customer or segment took action on your campaign, how much it cost, and how well it converted.

Beyond that, these two analytics platforms differ quite a bit. The fact is, they cater to very different needs despite being tailored for analytics and campaign analysis. Let’s take a closer look at what makes FunnelDash different than Kissmetrics, and why you’ll want to take a closer look at this innovative campaign analytics system:


FunnelDash Automatically Pulls Advertising Cost Data from Facebook

With just one click in FunnelDash, you can instantly and automatically pull advertising cost information from Facebook.  With our Facebook-centric Dashboards, you can narrow down your ad spend in just a few simple clicks to determine the breakdown by criteria such as device, gender, age, country, or even campaign objective.

Pre-Configured Dashboard Templates

At FunnelDash, we know you don’t want to spend a lot of time slogging through complicated instruction manuals or user videos, which is why we’ve made our dashboard templates with expert input in mind.

We asked customer experience and sales funnel designers to come together to lay out dashboards in a way that makes sense no matter what task you’re performing, so you can see everything from the big picture to the minute details and focus on what’s bringing you the most money with the least amount of ad spend.

And before you think it’s too complicated to set up, you’re in luck. FunnelDash uses a single line of JavaScript that’s easy to set up and deploy. If you can copy and paste, you can get FunnelDash working on your site right away.

Kissmetrics requires a bit more developer insight to deploy, as well as test and conduct quality assurance on so that you’re not missing out on those lucrative scraps of user behavior. While there’s nothing wrong with enlisting a developer to help you get the most out of a given tool or platform, it does take a significant bite out of the instant gratification we’re all used to.

FunnelDash was built for non-developers.  It was made for people who just want to see things like:

  • How much revenue a given campaign generated over time.
  • Which customer segments had the best response rate to a particular campaign.
  • Which Facebook interests are getting you the highest value customers.

It takes out all of the fluff, filler and complicated setup that make other systems so cumbersome and unwieldly to use. In short; it’s the information you need, right at your fingertips when you need it most.

FunnelDash is Priced for the Modern Business

Whether you’re a bootstrapped startup or you’re a lean growth hacker, you know that saving money is vital in the early stages.

While Kissmetrics is designed for businesses generating revenues of $1 million or more per year, FunnelDash is built for the aspiring startup who’s serious about making decisions backed by data.

The truth is, both platforms are excellent at helping you wring out as much insight as possible about your visitors — they just go about the process in markedly different ways. You’ll want to decide which one to use based on your unique needs and goals.

That being said, FunnelDash offers a 14-day free trial to help you get started. Why not take it for a spin and see just what kind of juicy insights you can glean from your ad campaigns? Click on the button below to get started.

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