How To Use Facebook's New Custom Audience Creator

How To Use Facebook’s New Custom Audience Creator

Written by: Joey Alter

If you’ve run Facebook ads before, you’ve most likely created a custom audience. Custom audiences are groups of users who fall into specific criteria that you set:

  • Visitors to your site
  • Visitors to specific pages on your site
  • People who watch your video ads
  • People who interact with your Facebook page
  • People who interact with your Instagram Profile
  • People who interact with your lead forms
  • people who interact with your canvas ads

Facebook has recently rolled out an interface update to the custom audience creator. Stick around for this post and we’ll show you exactly how to use this new custom audience creator and how to make some audiences you never knew existed.


Website Traffic, Site Visitors & Standard Event Combinations


This is the new custom audience creator interface, after choosing the website traffic option on the first screen.

Beyond the self explanatory site visitor audience you see above, there are some other options leadgen advertisers should take note of. The first being, time on site:


This time on site feature is particularly useful if you’re running ads to a webinar funnel, or to a VSL or to a particularly long sales page. By creating a custom audience of the top percentage of people to your live webinar page, your VSL page, your sales page, you can then create a look from those high intent users.

Another application of this custom audience type would be to make an audience of visitors to your members’ area. People who spend a lot of time in your particular course, or using your software, are people with high intent!

Other audiences we’d recommend trying out are custom audiences based on your standard events firing.


Beyond making a custom audience of users associated with “lead” standard events, you can go deeper and make audiences of people who have signed up based on the device they did so with.


Try pairing your mobile traffic with a lookalike of mobile leads. We’ve found this strategy to be particularly effective! And if you want to get even more segmented you can try making an audience of iOS leads and Android Leads.

Also worth noting is that it’s possible to make audiences of everyone who has purchased using the Standard Event.


Besides making custom audiences and lookalikes based off of buyers, and buyers by device like we’ve already showed you…

You can also make custom audiences of buyers who’ve bought multiple times using the frequency variable when you refine the audience:


And most importantly, you can make custom audiences of high dollar value purchases by choosing refine by >> then picking minimum value > your high average order value:


This is a great way to not only segment your remarketing (users who have spent a high dollar value are likely to spend even more in the future), and also make seed audiences for your lookalikes.

You may or may not have been aware you can also make custom audiences based on the specific product a user purchased by refining the audience of purchases by content_id.


It’s also possible to make custom audiences of people who have purchased a product multiple times by refining purchases by content_id and frequency.

Other New Audiences You Should Know About

You may or may not be aware that Facebook is rolling out an update to video engagement audiences and page engagement audiences to include Instagram now:


As with Facebook Page Engagement audiences, we recommend testing users who engaged with your post, users who saved your post, and visitors to your business profile. Typically, we leave out users who sent a message to the page because many people who send messages wouldn’t fall in the “ready” to buy category. 

Another thing worth noting is that it’s now possible to retarget people who interact with your lead forms on Facebook & Instagram as well.

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