How to Create a Marketing Budget

By Zach Johnson / October 12, 2021

Follow these 7 simple steps to create a marketing budget to make the most of your advertising dollars. Marketing is the engine that powers business growth. So while operating costs, inventory investments, and staffing budgets are important, without a strong marketing effort all of those expenditures represent cash outflow.  Marketing is the engine that creates […]

Managing Your Business’s Cash Flow

By Zach Johnson / September 30, 2021

Knowing how much is coming in and going out is the first step to creating a profitable business At the most basic level, business is all the exchange of value between two or more parties. In addition to credit, liquid cash is the most common way to exchange that value. Although some industries are more […]

How to Calculate ROAS

By Zach Johnson / September 17, 2021

Getting the big picture on your ad campaigns’ success starts with one simple equation. In the hyper-competitive world of online marketing, data reigns supreme when it comes to improving ad performance and profits.  In the U.S. alone where companies spend more than $125 billion on digital advertising, understanding what your return on ad spend (ROAS) […]

The Best Credit Card Offers of 2021

By Zach Johnson / September 13, 2021

Choose from this year’s most enticing array of intro and welcome credit card offers. If you’re shopping for a new credit card to add to your business expense or digital ad financing options, you might be looking at a variety of requirements that might make it best for your needs.  Those might include ones with […]

How to Use Credit Cards to Pay Suppliers Who Don’t Take Credit Cards

By Zach Johnson / August 23, 2021

Plastiq Let’s You Take Advantage of Credit Card Cash Back and Rewards On Every Kind of Payment Whether it’s boosting your credit rating, financing purchases, improving cash flow, getting access to more financing with better terms, or earning rewards and cashback, you know I’m a huge fan of leveraging credit cards to grow your business. […]

Have a Blast in Summer 2021 with the Best Chase Credit Cards

By Zach Johnson / July 23, 2021

If you’ve got good credit, Chase offers a number of Premium Credit Cards that are great choices for travel rewards, cashback, and Facebook advertising While various issuers feature super-premium options for high rollers, Chase offers a superior suite of Cadillac-level credit cards for the average business owner with close to stellar credit scores.  Whether you’re […]

Your Guide to Secured Credit Cards

By Zach Johnson / July 5, 2021

Bouncing back from a business credit catastrophe can begin by taking the simple step of getting a secured credit card.You’ve been working hard to grow your business. Unfortunately, like many small or start-up companies, you but may have run into a brick wall when you realize that you need financing, but can’t get it at […]

The Best Small Business Credit Cards of 2021

By Zach Johnson / June 21, 2021

Cards that were crushing it last year might be overshadowed by ones offering aggressive new offers, rewards, and financing perks.It takes money to make money. And unless you’re a high profitable Fortune 500 company sitting on a big cash reserve, a big portion of the cash that keeps your business up and running or in […]

The Highest Cashback Credit Card for Ad Spend

By Zach Johnson / June 14, 2021

Why points pale in comparison to being able to plow money back into your ad spend with AdCard in partnership with MasterCard. If you’re an agency or a small business owner who is actively promoting your clients or your own company, chances are you’re doing it with ads on Facebook, Google, Instagram, Amazon, Twitter, or […]

The 9 Nastiest Credit Card Scams

By Zach Johnson / June 8, 2021

Wherever there is money, there are people looking for ways to steal it. And there is a lot of money in scamming credit cards. Ever since the first one was issued by Diners Club in 1950, (technically it was a “charge card” since you had to pay in full every month), this soon-to-be ubiquitous financial […]

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