How to Differentiate Your Facebook Advertising Agency from Your Competition

By Zach Johnson / June 9, 2017

Do you run a Facebook advertising agency? If you do, you know exactly how much competition you’re up against. A lot. Like hundreds of thousands of other Facebook ads agencies. Don’t believe me? Just to be curious, I ran the searched the term “Facebook advertising agency” on Google. I got back 21,000,000 results. Seriously. Granted, some of those […]

How Divine Living Got a Lead Value 3X Higher on Pinterest vs. Facebook

By Zach Johnson / June 6, 2017

Campaign Goal: To increase return on adspend (ROAS) and maximize retargeting reach on PinterestEvery marketer knows, you have to bring your message to your audience, wherever your audience may be. Sometimes, your audience isn’t where you’re trying to target them with ads. Once you figure out where they are, and how to reach them, your results can […]

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